50 Diwali Ads That Told Stories In A Memorable Way – Part 2

50 Diwali Ads That Told Stories In A Memorable Way – Part 2

Continuing our list on top 50 Diwali campaigns of all time. 

21. Vivo’s #PhotoOfYourLife 

The commercial opens with a girl waking up to the alarm on her Vivo phone. She is cheerful until she sees her father sleeping on the couch. Since her mother’s death, her father’s been like this. He no longer wants to come out his loneliness. Watch the ad to know how she manges to get her dad singing to his favourite song. A beautiful journey from despair to happiness – told in a subtle way. 


22. Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale Is Here!

It’s the familiar category of kids narrating their stories as adults just like other Flipkart stories. 


23. Coca Cola’s Share A Coke this Diwali!

In this ad Ayushmann plays a Delhi boy living in southern India. Ayushmann’s neighbour hears him on the phone telling his mother that he misses Delhi’s Diwali.  So she and her south Indian family go out of their way to make Diwali extra brighter for their tenant. The ad ends with Ayushmann wondering how to thank the family. Watch the ad to know how he thanks them 


24. Amazon’s Fitwali-Diwali

Bored of the obvious climax? Watch this ad to see how an Amazon seller gets a Diwali order in a unique way. 


25. Asian Paints Diwali Story

The ad celebrates the changing dynamics of the modern families. The ad features an old woman nudging her husband to put Diwali’s decorative lights. To this he replies, their son’s ‘replacement’ is doing the task. The man was referring to the young boy who was staying in their house as their paying guest. A short and simple ad that in a unique way brings a smile to your face. 


26. Hitachi’s Ek Diwali Yaadon Wali

This Diwali, Hitachi’s message on disposal of old electronic waste in a more environmentally friendly way, is praiseworthy.


27. BigBasket’s Easy Wali Diwali 

What’s Diwali without sweets? Nothing, right? Now iamgine, Diwali celebrations with famous sweets from different parts of the country. Sounds impossible. BigBasket says no. Check this promotional Diwali campaign and know why 


28. Swiggy’s Yeh Diwali, Khaali Haath Kisiko Waapas Nahi Bhejtey Hain!

The ad starts with a little boy giving Diwali gifts to his neighbours, from a jovial woman to a strict uncle. At the end of the day, we see a Swiggy delivery knocking at the house where the kid stays. His father opens the door and takes the food. But, then the little boy does something sweet. That little gesture will pull on your heartstrings. 


29. PayTM’s Celebrate A #ThoughtfulDiwali

The commercial starts with a young couple hosting a Diwali party when the boy’s parents walk in. The father looks very impressed and starts noticing lights which are way too bright and way too many. While his mother hands over a traditional box of sweets, the father transfers Rs 2100 through PayTM. The son embarrassingly asks his father about the money. The father laughs and say, “Yeh Bijli ka Bill Tera Baap Bharega?” A unique Diwlai gift, indeed! 


30. Vodafone’s Look Up This Diwali 

A mobile network service provider asking people to celebrate Diwali without their phones, is definitely a hatke thought! The commercial starts with a boy helping his family members clean the house for Diwali. His grandmother finds an old notebook that belonged to the little boy’s father. The notebook had an essay titled ‘My Diwali’ written by his father when he was a kid. In the essay, his father writes how his family wore new clothes on Diwali, enjoyed homemade sweets and went out for gift shopping. But when the boy looks around, he finds that the present-day Diwali celebration is nothing like what his father had. Everybody is busy with their phones and gifts are getting home delivered. The innocent child asks his father, “How come my Diwali is not the same as your childhood Diwali?”. The ad ends with the father and son enjoying Diwali with their family, albeit without their phones. 


31. OnePlus’s Happy Diwali to the OnePlus Community!

Watch an ad to see how an elder sister in India helps her brother celebrate Diwali in Amsterdam with the help of OnePlus Community. 


32Amazon Prime’s Kahaaniyon Wali Diwali

We see a visually challenged child wearing black glasses calling out to his father. His mother is seen complaining that the father gives into the demands of the child. The child asks his father why is Diwali celebrated. His father tells him the story of Diwali. He goes on to visually describe how crackers look like birds which have been set free. As he’s narrating a war scene, his mother comes from behind and says, “Ashu, return your father’s glasses.”, revealing that it’s the father and not the son who is visually blind. An emotional message by Amazon Prime to celebrate all kinds of storytelling this Diwali. 


33. Netflix India’s Diwali TVC 

This 2016 ad by Netflix is a humorous take on Diwali ads. Starring Anurag Kashyap, this ad is all about the sameness of Diwali ads. It ends with the message that Diwali ads will not change but your entertainment can certainly. 


34. Cadbury Celebrations: Surachand Ki Diwali

We see a village in Rajasthan where the villagers have been making diyas for the last 50 years to lighten the houses of others during Diwali. However, most of the time these villagers have no electricity in their homes. But this Diwali, Cadbury took an initiative to install solar panels in the village. The ad ends with the tagline To the ones who light up our lives. We lit up theirs. Forever.


35. SBI Life’s #MainSeHum Real Life Real Stories

The commercial salutes the female firefighters in the Mumbai fire brigade. We see 2 fire fighters who are from the first women batch of Mumbai fire brigade. They share their stories about joining the male-dominated field. Being part of  the first batch, people had doubts that they will not able to go through the drill but they did. Initially there were 10 female firefighters but now there are 120. Instead of celebrating Diwali at their homes, they are at work to ensure other people’s safety. Watch the ad to know the bravehearts who ensure that we celebrate a happy and safe Diwali. 


36. Britannia Good Day’s Light Up Your Diwali With Smiles

Diwali celebrations know no boundaries; and this ad brilliantly portrays this message.


37. Bajaj Electricals’ #GiftAFestival To Your Mom

When everybody celebrates festivals together, why should the mother cook alone? A nice thought that’s nicely executed. 


38. Idea’s Har Tyohar Manana Acha Idea Hai


A brilliantly told story on the spirit of Diwali celebrations. 

39. Vodafone’s ‘Never Alone’ Diwali Ad

You can celebrate Diwali with family and friends, even when you are away from them. How? Watch this crisp and sweet ad. 


40. Swiggy’s #DiwaliGharAayi 

Swiggy delivers you food from your favourite neighbourhood restaurant. For this 2015 Diwali campaign, though the theme remained food delivery, but with a difference. Watch how. 


41. Foodpanda’s #CelebrateKahinBhi

A funny, engaging, energetic, and astonishingly fresh take on hostel life and Diwali holidays. Just watch it. 


42. SBI’s Yeh Diwali YONO Baate Khushiyaan Dher Saari

This ad by SBI takes the ritual of Diwali bakshish gives it a more meaningful touch. Watch the superb storytelling


43. D2H’s Alag Hi View 

The ad promotes Dish TV’s latest advanced offerings in a witty way. It shows diferent situations in the backdrop of Diwali and how D2H is bringing families closer. Watch the ad 


44. HP India’s Ummed ka Diya

How a young boy helps a woman selling Diyas on the street tugs on your heartstrings.This is a very subtle story that gives a new meaning to the phrase “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. 


45. Havells’ Happy LEDiwali

An out-of-the-box way to promote LED lights. Simplicity at its best. 


46. Amazon India’s #AdjustNoMore

This ad celebrates fathers who on their pursuit to fulfill everyone’s wishes forget about their own. 


47. Idea’s Good vs Evil Diwali Campaign

The ad shows a taxi driver, who hears a phone ringing and when he checks his old phone he realizes that it’s not his but a fancy mobile phone left behind by a passenger. He disconnects the call and shuts the phone off. But the moment when he was about to pull the SIM card out, he gets dazzled by the headlight of passing vehicle and is struck by self-realistaion. We see him putting the phone back together and telling the passenger to come and take the phone back. As he reaches home amidst the Diwali celebrations, we hear a voice over saying “Apne andar ke Raavan ho jalana, ek achcha idea hai” 


48. Lenovo India’s Back Seat 

A story of ambition and inspiration told by a cab driver who sees professional men sitting on the back seat discussing presentations on their laptops. 


49. Amazon India’s #KaroMilkeTayyari

The true essence of Diwali is togetherness. This message is simple but profound. 


50. Ghadi Detergent’s Diwali Campaign 

The ad has an extraordinary message – on Diwali don’t just clean your house; clean your thoughts for people who work for you.