30 Best Content Marketing Tools

Any marketer can achieve greater content marketing success with the right tools. Isn’t it? Here is a list of 30 best content marketing tools for next-gen content marketers. Explore and learn.  

  1. Google Keyword Tool: A great tool to find keyword ideas. It also tells you how the keywords will perform. 
  2. Copyscape: Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker. It’s a paid tool. You can either test a document or a web page for duplicate content in this tool. 
  3. Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a content finding tool, where you can see all the viral content once you put a keyword. It has a paid and free version. Apart from the viral content pieces, you also can see how the content is being shared on different platforms. 
  4. Contently: This tool connects you with other content publishers. It also helps a content writer to create and optimize it to ensure better performance. 
  5. Headline Analyzer: It’s a CoSchedule tool that lets you understand how optimized your content headlines are. It gives you score on your headline and suggests you ways to improve on it. 
  6. Content Idea Generator: Like Headline Analyzer, this tool also helps you get content inspirations. Once you give an input, it shows you different ideas that you can create, based on the keyword. 
  7. Evernote: Evernote is one of the best content organization tool, a content marketer could ask for. It helps a writer to organize his notes and gather all the notes to make it a complete content. It also helps you track new content. 
  8. Trello: Trello is another content management application that lets a user view everything related to a project. For this reason, it is suitable for big content projects. It also lets you generate content ideas, create a content calendar, and track your content performance. 
  9. Curata: It’s a content creation software that also helps you find ideas for your content. It’s a content management and organizing tool. 
  10. Hive: It’s a free tool for storing your content on the cloud with unlimited storage space. It’s a perfect tool to collect and save your organizational content safely. 
  11. EverPost: This content curation content would show you relevant content, based on your pre-determined content topics. 
  12. Percolate: It’s a real-time content marketing tool that schedules and curates for the user to let them share on the new web. It also gives content ideas. Many marketers use this tool to create content and engage with the relevant audience on different platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many more. 
  13. Digg: It’s one of the most popular social booking sites. You can bookmark your web pages in different categories and also interact with other users over your content. 
  14. StumbleUpon: It’s again a social bookmarking site that is also hugely popular as a content idea generator. You can install a browser plugin to bookmark any web pages under one of the 500 categories. 
  15. SlideShare: SlideShare is a presentation submission tool. The site offers a great SEO benefit to its publishers. If you create content regularly and now need to recycle them, you must try this tool. 
  16. SocialBakers: It’s a content marketing analytics tool to track your content performance. You can see which web pages are working well for you and which ones are not, as expected with this tool.
  17. SharedCount: Like Buzzsumo, this tool will also show you the social share count that your web pages are getting. It keeps a track of the Facebook likes, +1s, comments, RTs, and shares.
  18. Blog Topic Generator: It’s a HubSpot content marketing tool that would help you get ideas for your future content. Once you submit an online form, it will give you an entire year’s blog content ideas. 
  19. Editorial Calendar: This is a WordPress plugin that makes managing and scheduling your content. It has a simple drag and drop interface to make it easier for you. 
  20. Meme Generator: Memes are in. If you too want to create them for yourself or for your clients, try this tool. You can see a lot of trending images on the platform that you can use for your next meme. 
  21. Snip.ly: It’s a URL shortener tool with an advanced content curation feature. It lets you add another web page URL with your snip. So every time you curate a content, it contains another content URL. 
  22. PaperShare: It’s a real-time content distribution channel. You need to upload your content on the platform and share wherever you want. Its dashboard offers channel specific analytics as well as an interaction option to talk back to the people, who shared your content. 
  23. Paper.li: You can create your own customized online newspaper with this tool. It’s a great content curation tool. You also can share your online daily on different social networks. 
  24. MailChimp: It’s a must-have email marketing tool that comes with email content organization feature. Apart from that, it helps you organize and segment your email lists, send emails, and monitor analytics.  
  25. DivvyHQ: It’s a Google Drive alternative. It’s another editorial calendar management application that helps you remain organized and on time while collaborating and delegating tasks to your team members. 
  26. TrackMaven: It’s a paid content marketing analytics tool. It tracks all your content on different mediums, so you can compare them with that of your competitors. 
  27. Like Explorer: It’s another content marketing tracking tool that shows you how many people liked and shared your content on social media. 
  28. Google Alerts : Google Alerts is a free Google tool that helps you get the top content for a given key phrase. You can set multiple alerts and all the results will be mailed to you directly according to your preferred mode. 
  29. Feed Curator: This content aggregator tool helps you find best content ideas for you once you select a set of keywords or hashtags. 
  30. List.ly: It lets you create your content list that you can also share with others. There is also an embed option, so you can embed the list on your website as well. 

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