18 Pinterest Tools for A Stronger Image Marketing

On Pinterest? These 18 super tools will help you boost your image marketing. 

Pinterest built-in tools:

Pinterest offers some tools for their users too. All these tools are free.  # 1 Pinterest Analytics: Pinterest Analytics is the in-built analytics tool that the platform offers to business pages. You can find insights about your followers and pins.  

# 2 Rich Pin tool: Rich pins can make your pins look good and more professional on the platform. There are 6 types of rich pins available: article, recipe, product, app, place, and movie. Choose the one that goes with your business.  

# 3 Widget Builder: Pinterest Widgets is a wonderful tool to make your website more Pinterest friendly. You can build 3 types of widgets for your site: Pin widget, Profile widget, and Board widget. Create one and embed it on your website to make your audience aware of your Pinterest activities.  

# 4 Pinterest Buttons: You can also create Pinterest buttons like ‘Pin It’ and ‘Follow’ with Pinterest Widget. Pin It button would help your audience pin your images directly from your site. And Follow button helps them follow your Pinterest page from your site. There are multiple formats that you can choose from.  

# 5 Promoted pins: Promoted pins are nothing but ads on the platform. Choose any pin and run it with an ad budget. This pins would increase the reach of your pin to a great extent.  

Pinterest third party tools:

Apart from Pinterest built-in tools, there are other third-party tools that can help you spike your Pinterest marketing.  # 6 Buffer: Buffer now allows you to schedule your pins. Even though, it’s difficult to schedule your activities on a platform like Pinterest, but if you’re away or cannot manage time for the network, you can use the tool.  Price: Free for one network # 7 Canva: Canva is an image creation tool for different digital marketing channels. You can create your Pinterest images on the tool.  Price: Free as well as paid # 8 TailwindIt’s a Pinterest management platform with analytics and scheduling option. Apart from that, this tool would also help you analyze your competition, let you check influential pinners and followers, and trending pins.   Price: $10/month after a month of free trial # 9 Viraltag: It’s a scheduling tool for Pinterest, where you can choose your content from a selected set of pins.  Price: Free for 3 pages. For more profiles, it would cost $24/month. # 10 Pinvolve: If you want to share your Facebook images on Pinterest, this is a must-have tool for you.  Price: Free as well as pain plan at $9/month # 11 PinAlertsGet email notifications for every Pinterest activity.  Price: Free # 12 Pinstamatic: This tool creates pins without any editing.  Price: Free # 13 Woobox Pinterest Facebook Page Tab: It lets you add a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. Price: Free # 14 Loop88: This tool connects you with Pinterest influencers.  Price: Contact for a quote  # 15 PinGroupie: You can find group boards on Pinterest with this tool.  # 16 LoveList: This iOS app allows you scan a product’s bar code and convert it into a Pin. Price: Free # 17 Pinpuff: It calculates your Pinterest influence with an analytics dashboard.  # 18 Pin A Quote: This tool lets you create pins with the text you enter.