14 Must Have Tools for Facebook Marketing

Facebook is now a must-have digital marketing tool for businesses. And these 14 tools would help you manage your Facebook marketing more effectively. Let’s start. # 1 Facebook Insights: Like many other social networks, Facebook too has its own analytics tool. With Facebook Insights, the in-built analytics tool for businesses on Facebook, you can measure anything about your business on the network. You can find insights about your audience, posts, likes, unlikes, visits on this tool.  

 There are 6 main tabs in the tool: Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People. Each tab will give you detailed analytics on your page activities. This tool is available for the pages with more than 30 likes.  # 2 Facebook Audience Insights: Facebook Audience Insights is an amazing tool to help you understand and set the right targeting for your ads. Many Facebook marketers still don’t know about this tool, thus it’s comparatively less explored.  

 Once you choose the page that you want to get audience insights for, this tool will show you an overview of the profession, education level, relationship status, lifestyle, buying behavior of your target audience.  # 3 Facebook debugger tool: This tool helps you to debug the links (in any) that you are planning to post on Facebook. Sometimes, the links don’t appear like the way you want them to be on Facebook. You can go and visit the tool to know what’s the possible error and how to debug it.  

# 4 Facebook Graph Search: Earlier Facebook used Bing support to deliver search results. Followed by the latest algorithmic changes, Facebook is now showing results from its own database, rather than fetching them from an external source. It’s called Facebook Graph Search.  

 You can put any query on Graph Search and Facebook will return results from its huge database. This tool can be used in making marketing strategy for businesses. It also helps you spy on your competitors.   # 5 Facebook ad creator tool: Facebook has 2 tools for ad management. This is the basic ad creator tool. Even though, it lacked in the advanced settings like that of the advanced tool, but anyone can create effective ads with the tool. It has all the basic targeting and bidding options. It’s also relatively easy for beginners.  

 You can meet 9 objectives with this tool. With each option, you will get more options to set and run your ads.  # 6 Power Editor: Power Editor is the advanced ad creator tool on Facebook. It has advanced targeting, bidding and audience building options. If you want to fine-tune your ads that you created with the default ad creator tool, you also have the option to do in the Power Editor.  

 Facebook Power Editor is frequently updated with new features, which are not available in the basic ad tool.  

Facebook third-party tools: 

# 7 Post Planner: Post Planner helps businesses to find and post viral images on their business pages.  # 8 Agora Pulse: They offer a dashboard with an overview of all the activities on your page and allows scheduling posts and run contests and campaigns right from the dashboard.  # 9 HootSuite: HootSuite is a management tool for Facebook updates where you can add multiple accounts and schedule your updates.  # 10 EdgeRank Checker: Owned by Social Bakers, it’s a research tool.  # 11 ShortStack: It’s a campaign tool that makes it easy to add and manage your Facebook campaigns.  # 12 Facebook Fan Page Karma: Built by Moz, this tool gives insights about your fans and also let you compare them with that of your competitors.  # 13 Likealyzer: It reviews your page and gives a score and also suggests points to improve. Just enter a Facebook page URL and they will return all these data.  # 14 Pagemodo: You can connect to this app to create custom Facebook tabs. You also can create contests, schedule posts, design cover images and design visual posts with this tool.  Conclusion: These are the must-have Facebook tools that you need to use in Facebook marketing and strategizing. Do you use something other than these tools? Share with us. We’ll add it to the list while giving you the due credit.