11 Mobile Apps That Will Make You Earn

11 Mobile Apps That Will Make You Earn

Mobile apps make your life easier. But they also can be used as an additional channel for earning. You can earn both cash as well as rewards with mobile apps. Interested? Here are some apps that can help you earn in reality: Pact: Pact is a fitness app that lets your earn once you attain your fitness goal. There are three plans available: Gym Pact, Veggie Pact and Food Log Pact. The user needs to commit to one plan, record his progress over the time and then claim cash after he fulfills his commitment. Wait, not so easy! Here is the catch. If you fail, you have to donate cash to pay the winners. Howz that?  

Image: cnet Free and available to Apple and Android devices. ESPN Streak: No app will give away as big money as $20,000! But you can expect it from a brand like ESPN for sure. ESPN conducts a weekly quiz for their app users and the person with the biggest streak wins the contest at the end of the month.  This app is available for free on Apple and Android phones.  Viggle: Have you ever thought that you could earn gift cards for listening to your favorite number or watching TV? Your dream comes true now! Let’s hear for Viggle. Just download and tap it, so that it detects the track or show and gives you points. These points are redeemable for gift cards.  

Image: sec.gov Viggle is a free app and available for Apple and Android.  Checkout 51: It’s a shadow of a popular app, Ibotta, but works in an easier way. You can save money on your shopping expenses for buying personal care goods as well as groceries. The workflow is relatively simpler because there is no rebates. You just need to clip and redeem the coupon. The app is available for free for Android and Apple devices.  Receipt Hog: If you can show receipts, Receipt Hog is happy to pay you. Just take a photo of any receipt you have and they can be exchanged with cash and gift cards. You must be wondering why would they do it. Well, Receipt Hog is operated by a marketing firm that gathers data in order to make research reports.  

Image: itunes Download it for free for your Apple or Android device. Check Points: Do you love shopping while hopping from one store to other?  Then it’s the right app for you. It lets you earn points by checking-in at the business location and by making a purchase decision. The app offers you points for every purchase. In addition, it offers rewards for online shopping, and video watching. These points can be redeemed for gift coupons.  This is a free app, available for Android and Apple devices. Field Agent: If there is a market researcher in you, this app will be the right-fit. You can use it in your spare time and also earn money. The pricing for all the tasks mentioned in this app range from $3 to $ 12 and may include tasks like taking a photo, stock information of a particular store or doing a brief survey. Users can redeem the points through third-party services like PayPal or Dwolla.  

Image: revue This app is available only for Apple users. For Android users, Gigwalk is there. Rewardable, another similar app, works fine for both Apple and Android.  App Trailers: This is dream-come-true app for app junkies. If you are one of those, who feel a special love for apps and spend a good deal of time viewing app overview videos, App Trailers is the one for you. You will earn by viewing every 30-second demo of apps.  This app is compatible with Apple and Android devices.  Swagbucks: Swagbucks is the ideal app for multi-taskers. You can shop online, vote in polls, do online searches and take surveys to get paid, but virtually. You need to trade in order to turn your virtual earning into actual currency. 1 Swagbuck is equaled to one cent. And you can keep a track of your earning with the app itself. Once you are happy with your earning, you can redeem your points for gift cards.  

Image: Swagbucks This app is downloadable for free on Apple and Android phones.  Iconzoomer: Do you love to take photos? Then it’s a must-have app for your smartphone. Be it anything, your food, your drink, or your dress, just click it and write a comment on it while you share the snap shot. You can collect the money through PayPal or also can get free merchandize.  The app is free and available to Apple and Android users. Phewtick: Do you love to meet new people? Why not doing it in exchange of a few bucks? Phewtick will help you. Whenever you meet a person, scan the QR code and that’s it. Phewtick will pay you just for that. But if you have a keen interest on charity, this app may add greater value to you, as you can donate to NGOs like Unicef or the Red Cross through this app.  

Image: apple.vshare P.S: All these apps are available for Apple and Android users. Sorry, Blackberry and Windows folks!   


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