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Innovations at

Without Innovations Often Goals Are Just Like Dreams 

Imagine you lived in a world where people had no option to buy petrol. To run cars one had to dig petrol. Now think of the expenses you had to bear and the time you had to spend -  buying equipments, learning basics of oil extraction and building a team and process to execute. Now let's come back to the world of petrol pumps. As compared to the scenario, just described, buying petrol is a much cheaper and effective option. Same goes with many other services and products we buy. The entire process (from conceptualisation to implementation and delivery) needs to make sense from the value proposition. We have done numerous innovations to keep the cost low and returns high. Don't just look at the cost, look at the value that is getting generated from the cost incurred.

"Perfection is not really about one big thing going right, it's about every small thing going right. It is a mammoth task. We are there to improve every process, every action to reach the perfect. Are we perfect? No, not at all. The better question is are we better than other agencies? You can work with us and see the difference. Every day is better than yesterday at Techshu " - Aji, Co-founder CEO, TechShu

“It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with the problems longer.” & “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein (Yeah, at TechShu we stay with the problems really long and try different things to solve it the best way).

 Some Of The Innovations At TechShu:

  1. CMS (market ready) - A highly powerful CMS for marketing needs. We have invested a lot here. TechShu is running on the same CMS.
  2. Ecommerce (Marketing ready) - A highly powerful E-commerce for marketing needs. Techshu is running on the same Ecommerce.
  3. Keyword analysis - Generally we do analysis with over 2000 keywords for every client. We have even done keyword analysis with over 2 lakhs keywords for a client. 
  4. Content writing - The web copies include the right mix of marketing and information.  
  5. Process - Right processes at all levels - from how to choose the pages to work on for a particular month to decide the right digitial mix for a client.
  6. Team structure - We have different teams for different group of clients.
  7. Our POD structure - We have owners (who are responsible for performance), executors (who are responsible for execution) and team leaders. 
  8. Execution using WIG concepts: We followFranklin Covey's principles (4x Principles of Executions), we have WIG sessions for each POD every week, allowing us to perform better.
  9. Dashboard - We have dashboard which focuses on real value for clients. This motivates the team to achieve more and also it helps the team improve every day than waiting for the month end.
  10. Hiring Process - We hire people every day. The hiring is open every day, we always look for SUPER STARs, they can't be hired when you need them, you need to hire them when they are available, so we keep looking for. 
  11. We work with the BEST consultants - Even though we are thought leaders in the industry but we are open to the idea that someone is doing something better somewhere. We keep associating with great minds through consulting. 
  12. And much more (we will keep jotting down more about our innovations here).