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Digital Marketing Team for Local Business

Digital Marketing Team for Small, Local Businesses

Very Small, Local Businesses that cater to a local audience have different kind of requirements. Their focus is primarily on Leads and most of the time they have lesser budget for marketing.

The team members that work for very small, local businesses have following qualities.


  • The team works independently as the owner of the business is most of the time busy

  • The team understands what the business needs and prepare the best strategy accordingly; the owners might not have a good understanding of Digital Marketing nor such businesses do have a skilled marketing professional in the team

  • The team comes up with the top 20% digital marketing activities that will help them achieve 80% of the business goals

  • The team conducts their own research about the competitors, business information etc.

Skill set

  • Process optimization – businesses usually operate with low budget and cannot invest high in marketing. The team works in a proven and tested way to bring best possible results even in such tight budget

  • The team knows how to Reuse existing documents, contacts, marketing materials as much as possible by making minor tweaks

  • Community Building is essential for local businesses as it helps to get Referral Sales; the team working for them knows how to build an effective community around a local service

  • The team understands how to get more Sales for the business


The team is proficient with all the tools that are required to promote a small local business online, such as:

  • Local Marketing tools which include Google Places

  • Quick ways to get visibility on the search engines

  • CRM

  • CMS

  • Planning and Reporting tools that do not consume much time