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SCAM Word Removal from Google Suggestion

SCAM / Negative Word Removal from Google Suggest dropdown
Reputation management has many forms, we have listed different reputation management services on the main service page /services/reputation-management but removing a negative keyword from Google suggest is the most crucial one.

Our Recent Google Negative Search Term removal project.
Recent project (Completed on 15th Oct, 2013): VP of a top financial firm approached us to remove the word "his name + fraud" from Google suggest, it took us 3 months to remove it, we are continuing the work for another 2 months to keep it away permanently, we hope it doesn't come back (it's important to understand the reason why it in the dropdown or appearing as a suggestion).See how we did it for the corporate trainer

Our pricing (Approx)
It differs from project to project. We understand where you are coming from, here is a suggestion (80% of our reputation management projects use this pricing):

  • Monthly fee: $1100 per month
  • Ad costing (Which is paid directly to Google, Bing, Facebook): $650 per month
  • Generally the word is removed in 3 months time, but sometimes it can take 4 to 5 months as well.
  • + 2 more months of work to ensure positive signals.

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When someone is searching for your brand in Google and in Google suggestion your brand name comes with word scam eg: "business name  scam". In that case your brand name will surely get a bad hit and your brand image will surely fall. So, why not take care of this and remove the word scam from your brand name from Google Suggestion. We have got expertise in dealing with such scenarios as we have successfully removed the word ‘scam’ from a few of our clients’ brand names in Google suggestions.

What is required to remove the word scam from Google Suggestion?

  1. Most talked about content is pushed in Google suggest.
  2. More number of pages (Content) for a specific keyword in Google then more the chances of these keywords being pushed higher in Google suggest..
  3. More searched keyword is pushed in Google suggest.
  4. Most recent keywords are pushed in Google suggest.

How do we remove the “SCAM” word?
After the primary analysis and experiment, we realized that Google suggest depends on the above 4 section (Talked, linked, searched and recent + the combination of all 4). Thus, we had worked on all the 4 dimensions to take care of Google’s changing algorithms.
#1: The most talked about content We speak about the brand/company in different submission websites.
#2: More number of pages for a specific keyword We write unique articles about your company, services/products you provide and the articles will be submitted at different article submission sites.
#3: More searched keyword We will take help from different communities; freelancers to search for different keywords on regular basis.
#4: Most recent keywords Ads to push the search in 2 ways (1 directly landing on Google search and other with an i-frame embed in it, example given below) We will embed the Google Search for Your Company Name (minus the scam word) with an i-frame in various blogs so as to make it a highly searched and recently searched keyword.
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Case Study: How we removed word “SCAM” for one of our clients?
The word ‘scam’ comes again and again when scam related keywords have high searches than other keywords related to your brand name, services or products. So, we focus on the keywords which have low searches to push them above the word scam in Google Suggestion running ads for these keywords, writing unique content for these keywords and posting it to different submission sites. Removal of the word ‘scam’ from Google suggestions needs continuous work and monitoring.

(Scam Word Removal)
After 4 months as you can see from the above images, the word ‘scam’ was removed from the Google suggestion.

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