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Digital Marketing

WIN-WIN for Agency & They Saved $1 Million

We work as white label partner / back office team for many reputable Digital Marketing Agencies in the US and UK. We maintain the same documentation style, reporting structure and processes as the main agency. All the works are done with 100% confidentiality.

Being in India, we have access to a talent pool at much cheaper rate than in the US or UK. Hence, a client that pays a US based company $1000 monthly @50/hour rate can get 20 hours of work. The same project when comes to us, we work 60 hours or more at much cheaper rate.

Extended Digital Marketing Team for Innovative Product Companies

Product companies and startups are very close to our heart! We have worked with some promising companies such as: iViZ Security, Data Resolve Technologies, DataBankers etc.

We not only provide them full online marketing solutions, we help them in proper positioning, branding, strategizing and offline promotions as well.

If a product company continues to work with us for a certain span; we enter into a partnership mode with them wherein they do not need to pay any retainer fee - we claim a percent of total monthly sale from website.

0 to 4,00,000 Facebook Fans (Working for Group Companies of The largest & 3rd Largest Indian Conglomerate)

This was a different kind of work altogether. Since it is a big brand, we had to spread the brand awareness further and had to work to bring them visibility online.

Today, the website is ranking for more than 75% of linen related keywords. We have successfully built a community around the brand on Facebook. Users regularly interact on the Facebook page of Linen Club; the page has huge fan follower.

Learning from the project: For big brands, you need to focus on different parts of digital marketing. The stronger becomes strongest in the longer run.

Universal Search Impact for Bollywood Trade Analyst (Beating the best in the industry)

Working for was real fun; it’s about movies after all! This website taught us how Online Marketing Strategy can play a major role to make you successful.

Some of the keywords (names of popular actors) we noticed that results from News Search, Image Search and Video Search are showing on top. We took full advantage of Google’s Universal Search. Instead of pushing the website up through organic results, we optimized for Google News, Google Image and Video search. And the website started getting traffic for ‘movie name reviews’ kind of keywords.

700% increase in traffic in 2 months using Structural SEO

The website is in travel niche; from the day one we realized that it had huge potential because of its approach. It promotes offbeat and unconventional holidays. Even after putting the on-page stuff in place and doing off-page optimization the website was not ranking.

Then we identified the real problem; the structural SEO was not in proper shape. We optimized the website, recommended proper categories, used a hierarchical structure and it worked. The website is now getting significant volume of sales from organic search.