Google Users to Find More Personalized Search Results

Google is gearing up to provide more personalized search results by extracting data from its social network service Google+ in the coming days. This would include photos, news and comments posted on Google+.

The new service christened ‘Search, Plus Your World’ will display additional content for people who log into Google by allowing access to stuff that users may have put on Google+ or from their friends’ posts, revealed Amit Singhal, who focuses on improving information retrieval of the company. “At Google, we always want to return the most comprehensive and relevant answers to your questions, and many times those answers are in the open public Web, but many times those answers are in your own personal content,” Singhal said. “This is the first time we’re bringing personal content right into the results page.” The company’s new service will not incorporate content from Facebook or Twitter though.

According to Gabriel Stricker, a spokesman for the company, Google wants to be comprehensive in its search results. “Google does not have access to crawl all the information on some sites, so it’s not possible for us to surface all that content,” said Stricker in an e-mail. “Based on current policies from many social networks, we currently only have persistent access to information from Google+.”

The company is introducing another feature called Profiles in Search- an auto-complete function that brings links to friends’ Google+ accounts while users are still feeding queries in the search box. Besides, the feature will come up with suggestions on whom to follow on Google+.