1) What is PPC advertising?2) What’s the difference between Pay Per Click and Organic Search Engine Optimization?3) What are the two major pay per click services?4) How PPC can help your business?5) Results are measurable or not?6) How do I choose keywords?7) What is a Landing Page?8) How important is a Landing Page?9) What is the Google Display Network?10) What is Remarketing?11) Can you set budgets for PPC campaign?12) Is there a minimum amount I have to pay per click?13) How do I get better results from my PPC campaigns? 

1)What is PPC advertising?

 Pay Per Click advertising, is an online advertising method used on Search Engines and Websites across the internet where an advertiser is charged only when their ad is clicked on. Pay Per Click advertising is designed to help businesses drive quality, targeted traffic to their Website in a cost-effective manner. 

2)What’s the difference between Pay Per Click and Organic Search Engine Optimization?

  Pay Per Click positions are paid ads located on the top or right side of a Search Engine Results Page; whereas, Organic positions are natural or non-paid results. Organic listings gain positions from Search Engine Optimization techniques including optimized Website content and link building.  

3)What are the major pay per click services?

 The major pay per click service are:Adwords (Google)Adcenter (Microsoft)Besides these two there are few other social media platform which provides pay per click service.FacebookLinkedinTwiter 

4)How PPC can help your business?

 Promotion of your new products/servicesIncrease Brand AwarenessGenerate quick traffic to your websiteGenerate Sales/Leads(for e-commerce sites)Target your potential customers across the world.

5)Are results measurable?

 Both of the major PPC engines offer conversion tracking along with a plethora of other reporting features. E-Power Marketing also recommends using 3rd party reporting software as well. 

6)How do I choose keywords?

 Finding the right keywords is the most important step of any PPC program.There are several tools that can aid in keyword selection including the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Adcenter Keyword Tool.  

7)What is a Landing Page?

 A Landing Page is a specific Web page designed where the users will land after clicking on the paid ads in any search engine. 

8)How important is a Landing Page?

 Landing pages allow businesses to explain their products and services, and sell their goods to  interested users by clicking on their ads. If a landing page is developed and optimized correctly it could convert the visitors to customers. 

9)What is the Google Display Network?

 The Google Display Network is made up of thousands of Websites ranging from the New York Times to small Websites that exist only to display Google AdWords advertisements for collecting ad-sharing revenue from Google. 

10)What is Remarketing?

 Remarketing means showing ads to those users who came to your site but did not get converted due to some specific reason. Through remarketing you can reach individuals who earlier visited your website. 

11)Can you set budgets for PPC campaigns?

 Both major PPC engines allow you to set budgets. You can set daily budgets and budget limits at the campaign level and at the account level. Currently on Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter there is no minimum budget. 

12)Is there a minimum amount I have to pay per click?

 Google Minimum Bid = $0.01Microsoft AdCenter = $0.05  

13)How do I get better results from my PPC campaigns?

 There is no simple or standard approach to improve any PPC campaign, as all campaigns perform differently. However, start by asking yourself these questions: Am I targeting the right keywords?Am I targeting the right location?Do I have attractive ad copy?Do I have a well designed Landing Page?