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Custom Marketing Ready Website Design

Effective website design


Our apologies, if we get technical or over informative here, we want to make sure you are aware on how to select the right website platform designed to address online marketing needs. If you choose wrong platform, it will result in business failure. Initially, it can save some money here and there but later it will keep sucking money and time. Please ask us for our client education guide (where we have shared in-depth information about website designing).

There are 2 purposes to any web presence:

  1. Getting online for visibility & access: Easy. Now there are too many options for customers, from free DIY to $10/month DIY to a very cheap Indo-Philipino company offering $175 for a website design. Getting online is easy but the stats shows that 98% of the DIY and cheaper will fail (Stats attached). Right platform is the most important decision for online success, 90% of your success will be decided by the platform and team you choose.
  2. Then, getting successful online - If the base is wrong, this can become almost impossible. Think about:
    • Will my website design help me in ranking/traffic (SEO friendly structure, PPC landing page options, inter connectivity, right url structures etc within web design)
    • Will it help me enable marketing tools for better leads/sales (features like A/B testing,mobile responsiveness, Freemium sections, Social connect etc)
    • Will it help in branding (right aesthetics, design and code is different, right usability, consistency in design, festival design changes etc)

Website design that sells

You don't need a website, you need a website designed to help you achieve your business goals, that's it. We have created a custom website -marketing ready website platform which will increase your online & offline success rate and provide better ROI in both short term and long term.

  1. Simple to start & manage
  2. For next 5 years you won’t have to change the backend, World’s best are using it including website of ;
  3. Design & Code is different
  4. You will get the 80% online marketing tools integrated within the website architecture that the best are using.
  5. 100% Responsive across multi-screen dimensions & device
  6. We are here to give to Full End to End support for your growth, with website our relationship starts.

A website designed to give you a competitive marketing edge along with a custom identity. We worked for last 1 year and spent over 2000 hours to custom develop a fully marketing ready (SEO friendly) CMS.

Now take the advantage of the same code base (even better, as we add more and more features on it). Get a website demo with all features. (No risk at your end, 100% money back if you not 101% excited). Get a website demo with all features.


Our 10+ years of digital marketing experience is put together to solve business website design problems. Over the years we have learnt that a eye candy designed website does not really get the cash registers ringing. We have integrated Google mandated SEO & Usability best practices into a secured platform to develop a marketing ready,SEO feature enriched CMS based website - designed for business needs.

Major decision making parameters for your website

Initially most of the business owners take a decision based on "look and feel" for a website, but we forget that there will be marketing activities to make it successful, the later cost and time can be killing. These are some of the checklist/parameters based on which you should make the decision.

  • Look and Feel – 10% weightage (It is important, it is not the good looks but the right looks for your target segment)
  • Mobile Responsive– 20% weightage (site should be mobile friendly, if needed, it should support with apps and special mobile site, do check for responsiveness across multiple screen dimensions)
  • Initial Payment – 10% weightage (most of the decision is taken based on it)
  • Later cost – 20% weightage (most ignored parameter, check for scalability)
    • Marketing
    • Website maintenance
    • Website growth and changes
  • Customer’s Knowledge Needed & Customer’s Involvement – 10% (how much of your involvement is needed, if you are asked to define your fav color, then the company is getting it wrong, the right color is the color preferred by your customer).
  • Simplicity of process (Gain) – 10% (how easy it is for you to manage, will you be able to create a form by yourself, will you be able to take care of revisions, add a video, image etc)
  • Will it help me grow – 20% (again an ignored parameter, get the website which will help you in growth than the one which limits your growth)
    • SEO friendly –
    • Social Media - Not aware
    • Email newsletter subscription
    • Content marketing enabled (white-paper, infographics,catalogue,user guide etc.)
    • Other Marketing Features like tracking - Not aware
  • Turnaround time – 10%


The solution is:

Semi – Auto website creation
+ Future Development support & follow up
+ High end features with user friendly attributes
+ 100% Multi-screen Responsive
+ Marketing solution (Top 10,SEO enriched features + Social media,PPC & Email ready)
+ Customer support 24*7 dedicated account management (Content, website updating, festival logo,social business page cover design etc)
Auto Manual
All best features should be code before. Special Industry and customer requirement needs manual attention, it can't be automated.
100% Tracking should be done before Content versioning
Most part of design should be auto done with the best font, styling etc Custom images and brand identity (but using a process to cut down the cost)

Social Media page creation and integration. etc

In short, whatever is repeated should be automated and reused.

Also the team can give you a marketing start.



20+ Marketing & SEO features integrated to boost website marketing

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

  • Customizable search engine optimized URL
  • DIY SEO- Editable meta elements
  • Automatic canonical & 301 redirects
  • Sitemap creation & Submission-xml & HTML
  • Schema & Authorship creation
  • Map Integration - with contact page

Check more features


  1. Google & Bing account setups
  2. Basic SEO [keyword research & onpage]
  3. Mailchimp set up + 1 newsletter design
  4. Google local listing (basic)

High End Features - Future Ready

  • Flexible- Adding new landing page (unlimited)
  • Engagement ready- easy management of forums & community.
  • Social ready - social media integration and login.
  • Email Newsletter subscription
  • Call Back lead feature- Click to call installation
  • Lead Tracking- Lead form to back-end integration

Check more features


  1. An hour consulting for marketing
  2. Offline to Online Connect - Leaflet, Brochure, Social Card design
  3. Special Offer on PPC ads on Google
  4. [you pay an additional $150 we run text ad for $300]

Complete control

  • Change theme
  • Enable/disable block
  • Add/edit/delete content
  • Easy tagging and categorization

Check more features

User Friendly - Content Management

  • Logical categorization
  • Customized user friendly navigation (breadcrumb)
  • Multi format content support . [pdf,ppt,doc,xls]
  • Blog integration & RSS feed
  • Integrated content marketing enabled feature
  • [user guide, white-paper, Infographics etc.]

Click for more features


Professional web page content Editing & Structuring - 5 pages

Easy Tracking & Secured CMS

  • Easy analytic integration- Google,Bing,Yahoo
    • Goal tracking for lead forms
  • Multiple user management
  • Webmaster remarketing and AdWords integration
  • Same code base is used by large websites like |
  • & many more..

Check more features

High Tech & Automatically Updated

  • Multi-screen compatibility
  • Speed loading - optimized code base; minified js & css;
  • Cache at different levels
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Passionate and active community of 20000+ developers

Check more features

Tell us a feature that you thought about within a CMS & we will gift it to you in appreciation.

We bundle all of this including a year hosting & within 3 weeks and better we allocate a dedicated product manager to understand your business objective and online requirements and more..

Get a demo with all features

Website design is never complete”.. And we continue to support your requirements

We don’t leave you, we educate you and strive to make your business successful by supporting with online- offline marketing integration.

We will edit & provide any change required.

Marketing Ready CMS

“Marketing Ready CMS” is a turnkey website solution, designed to jumpstart your business online. It has all the features that you will need in a marketing ready website. Through many years of experience in the web marketing field we know what features are essential for a website to become successful. All these features are built on a very reliable and robust open-source CMS system Drupal.

Everything you need for your creating your website.

  • It has been designed to meet the needs of any website – whether big businesses or small and medium business or startup companies or something in between. It is a flexible solution easily tailored to fit any organization’s needs.
  • It is a flexible and powerful solution designed for all any kind of website. It is built for flexibility, customization, and extension -- a powerful CMS to help business owners to focus on the thing that matters the most: BUSINESS (Sales and leads).
  • Websites building in not one time work, it needs to constantly adapt with new requirements of market. It requires powerful and flexible online tools that can meet changing requirement. it is flexible and comes up with hundreds of features which are flexible and customizable.
  • Also it provides interfaces that make the platform easy for site administrators to use on a daily basis.
  • We have combined powerful open source platform Drupal with our 10 years of experiences for an intuitive, powerful, start-to-finish solution for building your web site, without all the time and expense of a custom site build. We have shaped our CMS over time to cover up all the advance features and functionalities of Drupal module development and Drupal customization which lets you stay on the cutting edge, without spending all your time getting there.

What you'll get with our CMS?

  1. Complete Control
  2. Device Independent (Responsive)
  3. Elegant and Logical Design
  4. Extendable and Scalability
  5. Marketing Ready
  6. Performance
  7. SEO Friendly Features
  8. Security
  9. Social Media Integration