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Digital Marketing

6 No-Fuss Steps To Create a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media users are expected to reach almost 6 billion by 2027. Therefore, brands must maintain a social presence now that it is no longer an option. However, the days of posting content and crossing your fingers are long gone.

With more competition, information overload, and networks than ever, having a well-defined strategy enables you to say "no" to efforts that don't make sense.

Here’s How a Digital Marketing Firm Can Revolutionise Your Business

Due to the rapid changes in consumer behaviour and the marketing landscape, traditional business models find it challenging to keep up. In response, many marketers are embracing digital transformation by partnering with digital marketing firms — to leverage skilled people, efficient processes, and supporting technology, to connect with a broader audience digitally.

5 Ways In Which Content Marketing & PPC Go Hand in Hand

There is a lot of debate about whether organic or paid marketing is better. Some believe that content marketing is the gift that keeps on giving, while others believe that PPC is a great way to increase conversion rates and deliver fast predictable results.

No matter which of the above teams you belong to, how about combining both strategies and creating a hybrid digital marketing campaign?

Let's Explore The Influence of Social Media On Business Marketing

2022 was a year of many changes, but one thing that remained constant was social media serving as the gateway for knowledge sharing, career advancement, and brand building. Consequently, many small business owners and large corporations turned to us as their social media agency in Kolkata to intensify their marketing efforts and generate buzz around their brand, product and services.