Are you paying enough? And what are you paying for?

As mentioned at different places, as a ROI focused company ROI awareness is one of our main focus areas. We have mentioned about effort metrics, results metrics, weightages, bands, performance score, ROI score etc but “what are you paying for” and “are you paying enough” are decisions that you need to take. Our job is to help you understand the ROI.

Story behind the “paying enough” page

“When I was at ad-tech, I heard this story from’s CTO. They made their first TV ad with limited budget, close to 1 crore, it went without notice. They realized that for a successful nationwide TV ad, you need better budgets, they saved few more crores and spend on a good ad agency, created a wonderful ad, bought the best TV timing slots and boom, it was one of the most successful TV ad campaigns. It helped them to achieve what they wanted. So it is very important that we invest enough to get the best returns. There is no point in crawling in a race, either you run or you wait till you can run. At Techshu, we are ready to guide our small clients through our “do it yourself” sections. Its about doing it right for our clients” – Aji

Lose-Lose-Lose or WIn-Win-Win costing

Now there are companies like ours which will show you ranking report, link report, onpage report, social media report and so on. Thats good but in most cases there will be an expectation mismatch and then it will go into a loop which will result in losses for all. A successful clients gives us better profits and surprisngly a non-successful client gives us losses. How do we avoid it? There are different aspects of it, lets put all the dots together and connect it to understand it.

What’s the goal you want to achieve from digital marketing?

There are 2 ways to go for costing:

  • You can decide the budget and explain the goals that matters to you, let the digital marketing team put in numbers to it.
  • You decide the numbers for goals and let the marketing team suggest you the budget.

First 2 to 3 months should go in experiments 

With different clients, esp brands, we were asked to put numbers to the metrics, we put in numbers but it doesn’t work like that. You need at least 2 to 3 months to put the right numbers. You can put in targets for first 2 to 3 months and then put better targets for the coming months. First 2 to 3 months should go in experimenting relevant channels and optimizing it. Then from 3rd or 4th month, we should put in right numbers.