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Tips to write effective ad copies

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Tips to write effective ad copies

All online ads are essentially clickable messages that connect the visitor to a website. 
However Google Supports five types of ad format. Like -
Text Ad : Only deliverable on search engine
Image Ad : Shows ad on various website that are partner with Google
Video Ad :  Deliver a reach and engaging experience to the customer
Product Listing AD: Give visitors a short description about product before they click 
TV AD: Reach customer via television through network
Tips for creating successful text ads:



1. Highlight the main USP of your business.

Free Shipping; Large Selection.

2. Include Price, Promotion & Exclusives.

“Buy Only At $35”; “20% Flat Discount”.

3. Mention what customer will do in your page.

Buy Now; Sign Up; Call Now; Get A Quote.

4. Include at least one keyword in the ad copy.


5. Match Your Ad to Your landing pages.


6. Make at least 2 to 3 ad copies and do experiment.



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