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Work process with Agencies


How we work with Agencies

We partner with Digital Marketing Agencies, Design-Development Companies or Ad Agencies and work as their back-office team. We take care of entire execution part – from proposal to reporting. Most of these are White Label Partnership. In some cases, the agencies refer us as their Digital Marketing Partner to use our Portfolio.

The process – Pre-Sales

  1. You get a lead – send the details to us (Please check the pre sales document Please pass as much information as possible.
  2. We prepare the Proposal and send it back to you.
  3. We mention Costing of the project in the proposal – this is our costing which means how much we will need to execute the project. Or if there is an agreed contract between us, the agreed costing will remain. You quote the price based on you understanding.
    • There can be monthly fixed amount
    • There can be hourly charges
    • You can add your margin and send it to the prospect. For example, if we mention monthly cost of a project as INR 50,000, you can make it INR 60,00 per month. If we mention hourly rate INR 2000, you can make it INR 2500 per hour.
  4. You send the proposal to the client, explain it to them and get the project in

The process Post-Sales

  • We create a Project Management System at - all clients sent by you are added there. This platform is used for all client communication such as reporting, following up etc. In case there is any email communication required, you can either refer the client to us or you can forward the mail to us and then forward our response to the client or you can create an email id for us on your domain so that we can respond on your behalf.

Project Management