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PPC - Clean Your Clouds, See The Sky

PPC - Myths, Reality, Industry Standard, ROI

Myth: PPC is very costly, we can not afford it.

Reality: Its not about the cost, its about the retrun. If you get revenue of $3 by investing $1, there is no harm in investing, right? You are not loosing money, you are gaining infact.

Myth: PPC is for sales only

Reality: PPC can also be for expoure, ppc can also be for branding. The objective of a ad offline, like ad in TV or ad in horading is not sales but exposures, same goes for online ad also. Its not only for getting sales only, its also about reach to your target audience and giving you that kind of visibility that you always needed.

Myth: Low biding keywords should be choosen

Reality: The answer is same like the first. Its not about going cheap or going costly, its about ROI. Which ever keyword can give you good resturn, you should go with it.

(ask us if you have any other question or doubt any other myth)

Industry Standard

Here is an infographic for Industry PPC standrds, source:wordstream


Return on Investment

As we were saying, its not about costing, its about the right ROI for your business. But how do you know whether PPC is going to be profitable for your business. So for this, you need to know the ROI from PPC for your business. The calculation is like this,
(Market volume*industry standard CTR*Avg Apprx CPC)/(Market volume*industry standard CTR*Industry Standard Conv rate)=Cost per lead
So now, since you know the cost per lead and obviously, you know your investment as well, you can easily know your return on investment.

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