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Our High Quality Link Building Packages

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In order to make your website popular, you need to attract visitor's attention towards your website by increasing its traffic and link building is the preferred & safest way to do that. Increasing the quantity & quality of links from authoritative blogs will help improve your site's position in search ranking across different search engines. Our expert team is continuously updating as per the latest algorithm changes to ensure best practices for better results and conversions to edge past your competitors.

Techshu & its team is just here at your service.

Our Link Building Packages


  • When we are providing the content




$625/25 Links

$1000/50 Links

$1800/100 Links


  • When you are providing the content




$350/25 Links

$600/50 Links

$1000/100 Links


Customized Package :

Per link $25 (min 10 links)

Per 20 Quality Submission $20 (min 20 submissions)


How Much would it cost to get HQ links

To be very honest, if you are used to low quality costing you will find high quality links very costly, but there are reason behind this.

For every high quality link we are charging $20 when we are providing the content needed for link building

But if you provide the content then we will charge you only $10/HQ link.

.Reason behind this much charge is

  • For a high quality link w at least need to put 1-2 hours, even we take 1 hour and take $10 for it then it is $10 just for creating the HQ link.

  • For high quality linkwe need content and a content takes at least 1 hour to write, if it is $10 again/hour then again the costing is $10

Summing up these two the minimum costing for a link is $20 (considering the minimum)

For more or equal to 100 links we will give discount of 10%


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