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High Quality Link Building

High Quality Link Building Services

The first time we got a penalty was 2003 (Florida Update, The Christmas month, it was a hard hit on many), glad that our website was just getting started that time. Then we decided to do things in better way (We do Amazing Digital Marketing Mix for our clients, Digital Mix is new SEO . Florida update was nonsense, it just penalized people for OOPs (Over optimization at content level mainly). Then many updates came in and went, we stayed on. We were always on #1 to #3 for the same keyword. That is a big achievement. Also our company was fully dependent on website for all leads (Financial industry with keywords like debt, credit, mortgage, debt consolidation etc)., Things we did was:

  • Less optimization on content level (Stay below 60% to 70% on onpage score) - We wanted to stay away from all stupid Google matches (Was a big step and it paid our well in long term)
  • Following the path of a drunken man for links (and content): To stay in competition, you need to use your strength, not every company is going to create campaigns or  content promotion to attract links. We used UGC (User generate content) and link building through amazing traffic options (We promised an email to all our members and a banner ad on the website community level for 7 days to 30 days). Bloggers cared about extra visibility and recognition (We offer them that).
  • We did create compelling content for users and links (It also paid off well).
  • Chicken egg problem (Link surge): When you are ranking in top 3, you start attracting more links naturally. So you need to rank higher for research keywords.
  • Very strong cross checking of links every week (even before Google crawls it). Any bad link from any team member, you are subject to penalty.

Is link building important?

Unfortunately, Yes very much. You need a mix of content and links to really do well on search engines. Ideally the business should be able to attract links by its own. Now the reality is, not every business can create content that are attractive for links (We say this sparingly). Can Agencies like ours help you there? May be not as agencies will need more time and money to create compelling content (worth link attraction). The reason is, you (the client) need to be a part of it, it is long term and will have to stay along. Most of the clients/customers don't want to stay along for longer as they don't trust agencies (Sad part of SEO industry).

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How can we build better links for our clients?

We must admit its not easy, it does cost more (more time and money). Here are things we do:

  1. Competitors links (Also known as hub links): We use some very advance tools (thanks to ahrefs, majesticSEO and opensiteexplorer) to pull all backlinks for all possible competitors and find the common links. Approaching such websites can help our team get some very quality website without giving much in return.
  2. Offering Bloggers something more valuable, who don't give links in return for a content or money: We offer them 1000 FB fans, a complete social media presence, ad on the website for a limited period, email marketing etc (Something that they value much more than money or content, you need to get links from people who don't trade  links otherwise.
  3. Press release: It helps here and there. One of the press release got us 400+ links (that was the best ever), generally a paid press release worth $200 to $400 can get you 30 to 50 links. To many press releases doesn't help. All press release websites doesn't help in SEO, there are few who are in your favor.
  4. Creating compelling content: We do help clients to create valuable content like "50 buyers guide at once and put it on same page", "a set of calculators on one page", "creating a blog to a book" etc.
  5. Primary Data Infograhics
  6. Primary Data Release time to time
  7. Giving away interviews to bloggers, news sites.
  8. Campaigns for links - Putting ads for bloggers using FB and guiding them to write about your website more often.
  9. Ranking for some industry keywords (Those ads help in getting more links, it must be done)
  10. & Many more methods we use for high quality links

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Note: Post penguin Link building service has been revised (For clients who understand the real value of quality links. Previously we had to match the number to compete in the market, now we don't it any longer, only focus on results with high quality links). By considering this as a challenge we are providing our Link Services & Offering new existing link packages. This assurance comes from our previous & present success story.