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Digital Marketing Mix
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Digital Marketing. Just SEO or Social Media doesn't work for all businesses, for some business it is Affiliate Marketing + Social Media + Paid ads. We analyze our clients’ requirements, develop the right mix and spend our time on each in the marketing channel appropriately. For some clients we may spend our 90% of the time on universal search optimization and the remaining on marketing on Social Media platforms where as for some it can be the other way round. In a nutshell, our strategies, processes, implementation- everything is centered around delivering the right Digital Marketing Mix to our clients and ensuring the most appropriate and effective use of their marketing spend. Know more about digital marketing mix click here. Along with Digital Marketing Mix we also provide following services,

Web Development and Design
Our team has a keen eye on design, style and technology. Our team offers a full-service approach to website design and development to meet the business demands of our clients. We focus on:

  • Engineering – Usability, functions, simplicity and navigation
  • Aesthetics (Arts) – Eye Candy(Aesthetics) IS A Critical Business Requirement
  • Technical – scalability, manageability, speed (Google technical architecture for website is a must)

And then the follow up, anything that is not followed up might fail. Our expertise has been acquired through working with start-ups, mid-sized businesses as well as big corporate houses on a myriad of website projects including, website design and development, web application development and server architecture.

Consultancy and Planning
Our team of consultants helps companies who have an in-house digital marketing team with-

  • devising & reviewing digital marketing strategies
  • auditing processes
  • mentoring the team, and
  • overseeing that the strategies are properly implemented.

We also work with companies that work with external marketing agencies. Oftentimes companies don’t have the right procedures to analyze and review the work done by the external agency. We have experience of handling over 400 projects and have different documents on project reviewing. We will help with the analyzing and reviewing bit and also bring our ideas to the table on how the company can help the agency so that its digital objectives are met.

TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project