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App Store Promotion

App Store Marketing & Promotion

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are in the industry for the last 10+ years and creating value for all of our clients with a team size of 54 (70% of them are Masters or Post Graduates). Our success rate is 85% and we have worked with biggest brands in India like Aditya Birla group, of (JV of TATA steel and SAIL), Linen Club etc. We are also working with many US, UK clients. We also speak at top institutes like IIT. IIM etc. Now lets talk about App store.

App store is a completely different ball game altogether. But as per our experience most of the business are not aware of power of app store. They ask questions like, why do I need to promote my app? What is the scope of apps? lets show you some statistics related to this

  • There are approximately 650,000 apps in the App Store, 225,000 of which are for iPad. Thirty billion apps have been downloaded in total. Apple has paid developers $5 billion in checks (meaning Apple has pocked about $2.5 billion with its 30% cut) - Mashable
  • The number of smartphones will exceed 1.82 billion unities worldwide in 2013 - Gartner

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Portio Reserach 2013 2014 2017(Apprx)
App users worldwide 1.2 Billion N/A 4.4 Billion
Asia Pacific 30% 32% 47%
Europe 29% 28% 21%
North America 18% 17% 10%
Middle East & Africa 14% 13% 12%
Latin  America09% 10% 10%

Still not convinced, look at this success story of Angry Birds

Different channels of app store promotion

So, yes, app store is important and if you don't promote your app, you will get lost in those millions of apps those are available in the app store. To promote your app there are few ways of doing it, they are

  1. App store optimization - There are few parameters whi decides the fate of ranking of your app in app store. unless and untill you optimize those parameters , there is hardly any way to rank your app.
  2. App store ads - App store optimization is a long term plan and it will take some time. But if you want to do it aggresively and want to get as much as possible then you should go for app ad along with ASO.
  3. App store social media - Social media is another important and very influencial medium to promote your app and can not be ignored.
  4. Other app store promotional activities - there are few other channels by which you can promote your apps , for e.g. participation in different forums and quiz, promoting your apps in different influencial zones.

Costing - ROI focused

If you want any customized costing or you have any customized requirement, you can ask us for a free quote now.

We have differnt packages for app store promotion depending on your aggresiveness of promoting the app, those packages are

  • Aggresive : ASO - $550, PPC - $350**, Social Media - $170, Other promotional activities - $890, Total : $1960 (you can choose any one of them as well)
  • Balanced : ASO - $420, PPC - $270**, Social Media - $127, Other promotional activities - $667, Total : $1485 (you can choose any one of them as well)
  • Basic : ASO - $290, PPC - $190**, Social Media - $85, Other promotional activities - $445, Total : $1010 (you can choose any one of them as well)

** PPC costing not including PPC budget

Those packages are fully focused on ROI and our deliverables are set in that manner only. We focus on works which will give you the most of the benefit (20% of work which will bring 80% profit to you)

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