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SEO Content Optimization - Case 1

You are asked to optimize an article which does not have the required keyword density. What would you do? The first thought that crops up in your mind is send it back to the content writer and ask him/her to add the keywords. Here we have explored various ways by which you can insert the keywords without bothering your content team. 

Sample article ( it doesn't have the required keyword density) -


6 small ways to boost your bedroom décor 

The targeted keywords are - 

  • cheap fitted wardrobes
  • fitted wardrobes london modern fitted wardrobes
  • fitted wardrobe

In search for easy ways to rev up your bedroom? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here is a rundown on 6 easy ways to boost your bedroom's existing décor. Take a look - 

1. Often people have the habit of using small bedside tables. Well, if you actually consider the role of a bedside table – it is meant to keep the things that you require close by. And this is precisely why bedside tables need to be large with optimum storage space. 

Tip: consider having a chest of drawers on one side of the bed. Medicines, hand lotions, cluster of keys – all these can be stocked in the drawers.

2. A bed with a plain and boring headboard can produce a bland effect. Avoid this with decorative headboards. Find the headboards costly? No worries! Hang a wall painting on the back wall of your bed. It will create a similar visual impact. 

3. Opt for a wallpaper in your bedroom. Printed wallpapers are a nice option to rev up the bedroom nooks and corners. Some of the possible spaces where you can use the wallpaper are - 

back wall of the bookshelves

on the wardrobe doors 

inside the wardrobes 

Confused about the look of the wallpapers? Opt for the peel-and-stick wallpapers. They are temporary. You can peel them off if you do not like the look.

4. Choose stylish fitted wardrobes. Cheap built in wardrobes are easily available in several online stores. Check out our collection of cheap fitted wardrobes. We offer an expansive collection of cheap wardrobes in UK.

5. Bring in the sea element in your bedroom with decorative pieces. Confused? How about decorating one corner of your bedroom with shells and corals? Well, they are apt to evoke the spirit of coastline and the beaches. If you live in the middle of the country and yearn for beaches – then introducing the sea elements in your bedroom is one of the best options.

6. New vintage styled bed linens, mattresses and pillow covers are easy ways to rev up your bedroom. You can do this every season where the bed linens and pillow covers can reflect the essence of the season. 

Note: often people tend to underestimate the role of the bed in the overall bedroom décor. Do not do this mistake. As Phoebe Howard (author of The Joy of Decorating: Southern Style with Mrs. Howard

) states - 

"An easy way to update the bedroom is to get new bedding... after all, we spend one third of our lives in our beds.''

Note – 

In this document the density of primary keywords (cheap fitted wardrobes &

fitted wardrobes london ) is 0.6% which is below the required density Now, we will focus how we can add keywords to meet the required density.

Attribute adding method - For example, if the keyword is cheap fitted wardrobes and you find the words cheap and fitted aren’t used sufficiently then search for the word wardrobes. And add these attributes cheap and fitted before the word wardrobe when applicable. 

Location adding method – For example, the keyword is fitted wardrobes London and you find the word London is 

  • missing or
  • not having appropriate density or
  • there is no scope of adding it in the article.  In these circumstances, here’s how you should go about it –

Add a sentence – “ If you’re looking for cheap fitted wardrobes in London then you have come to the right place.” 

Add a sub heading at the end of the article –  Cheap fitted wardrobes in London 

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