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Required Senior PHP Developer

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What's the vision:
  • We are solving business problems for SMEs in an innovative way using Web & mobile like providing a marketing ready CMS with 100% auto backup, 100s of features at $99 (Nano Website which will help people win Big time)
  • Facebook apps that can be reusable, Digital Marketing Dashboards etc
  • Our vision is to create amazing ROI for business returns for every client. When you make businesses successful, you feel better and it pays off well too.
Job Description:
  • Should have good problem solving attitude. Never satisfied with work done, the purpose should be achieved. 
  • Code knowing it will have to scale, be understood by other, integration with other modules.
  • Who enjoys coding and problem solving.
  • Team member - Humble, respecting others, thinking WIN WIN
  • Leadership - no matter what, we will find the solution attitude.
  • Learning attitude - If you don't spend 10 hours a week in studying something new, If you don't like to explore something new that hits you, probably you won't enjoy Techshu but if you do, we made techshu just for you.
  • We have Sat and Sunday off but rest of the day, you need to ensure that the work is done with quality. Need to understand the customer's need and value the deadline.
  • English is not mandatory. We are happy someone who can express in any form or language.
Skills: Understanding on website rendering, how web server works, Web server-DNS-Database-Browser flow understanding, Web Tracking basics, Frameworks like codeigniter or cakephp, CMS: Drupal and wordpress is must. 
Work Experience and Technical Skills required:
  • Logic has to be really good, how to find the right solution (Key, 50% weightage here)  
  • At least 2+ SOLID years of relevant experience in web development.
  • Should possess good knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS.
  • Good Knowledge of JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax.
  • Good Knowledge in CodeIgniter or cakephp
  • Should possess good knowledge in Database design, MVC Concepts.

If interested please send your cv to

php developer required

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Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project