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Our Process - Logical Way

Our Process:

Our Process - Simple & Logical Way of Doing Digital 

  1. We study your current business needs. We redefine the requirements along with you (when you say "I need ranking", we understand you need ranking for some reasons, we ask you the reasons).
  2. We study your business strengths. Not all companies are meant to perform well on all the channels - for some businesses Paid Ads perform well because of conversion ratio; some businesses see amazing results from SEO; whereas some say social media platforms have proved to be a great source of leads as their products are impulse ones. 
  3. We do a thorough study of business - that include your industry, market, competitors and other parameters. 
  4. We then suggest different budgets. You can choose one to start with. When we suggest a budget to you it means that we're going to spend X hours on the project. We generally charge between $10 to $15 per hour (except for consulting where the charges are much higher).