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Editing & Proofreading Services


Editing & Proofreading Services

We help newbies as well as seasoned writers produce tighter and more polished work. Work that’s more             memorable and enjoyable for readers and also more satisfying for the writer. We have a team of skilled editors   who will fine tune your work while keeping your individual voice and style intact. We provide editing services to students, business professionals, the writing community and individuals all across the globe.

We edit documents of all types like:

  • Annual reports
  • Conference presentations
  • Research papers and abstracts
  • Educational and teaching materials
  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter
  • Website content
  • Technical content, user guides, and help systems
Our editors give full attention to every document; editing it with the utmost care, accuracy, efficiency, professionalism and confidentiality. We consult standard sources such as Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, The Elements of Style and various dictionaries, but if you want we can use your house style guide.

How we work

We work closely with our clients to produce a document that is clear, succinct, authentic, well-organized and relevant for its intended readers. Thus, before starting a project, we make sure that our in-house editors are clear about your specific requirements.
In case you do not agree with the changes made by us then we would explain you the reasons for the changes. However, we would never insist or force you to accept our changes.
We work with a contract that meticulously specifies editorial tasks, price and mode of payment, delivery, termination and special requirements. We ask for 50% of the project price up front, which can be paid via cheque, DD, Paypal (where you can use a credit card if you like), credit card and debit card.

Work with us and then hire us

For book-length manuscripts we provide you with up to 2,000 words of free editing. Once the editing is done, we will send you the edited pages along with a brief feedback. We assure you that you’ll have no complaints regarding the quality of the free edited copy. Our free editing services will also provide you with strict author privacy policy and fast turnaround times.


We charge you on a per-word basis. We do not have a minimum charge or a flat fee for editing. Pricing differs on the basis of word count of your document, the level of editing you select (Proofread, Standard or Premium) as well as the turn around time or delivery date you request. For an exact price quote for your document, please use the Submit Now link and our Client Servicing team will revert to you within one hour during business hours.

Privacy and confidentiality

At TechShu we believe that a client’s document or manuscript is his or her intellectual property. Our clients retain sole ownership, copyright and control over all the documents sent to us for editing. We guarantee that we do not share, sell, or distribute any work that is sent to us.
The Company, including all employees, agree not to disclose to any third party the content of a document or manuscript submitted by the client. Our editors are carefully screened professionals. Before beginning work for us they all sign confidentiality agreements. The documents are read and corrected only by our editing staff and then returned directly to the client. You can be assured that our in-house editors are the only people who see your documents.
We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We do not disclose your email addresses or personal details to any outside party.