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Digital Marketing Guides

A one stop library of digital marketing guides, to help understand online marketing channels and their attributes. We have read and reviewed all of them and found them to be informative and easy to understand . We keep updating them on a regular basis to help understand the ever evolving digital landscape .

How Google Serves result - sneak peak

SEO simplified guide

Seo guide to start with

Advanced SEO guide - get deeper insights into technical factors [indexation, crawlability, website loading time] how to generate content ideas? UGC management and optimization, NAP syndication , keyword researchetc.

SEO for start-ups a basic guide to setting up website with basic seo set-ups

SEO post penguine, panda and Humming bird

The beauty of Webmaster Tools

Search queries the potential weapon to organic success

SEO Best Practices - by Google

Let Google guide you

Marking up data - Schema creation

Structured data making crawl & search faster and easier

High Quality Back-link Building & Disavow

Good Links - who are they !

Link parameters to understand quality

Do it yourself check the parameters by back-link analysis tools

High quality link building post penguin & panda era

Wondering how to continue link building post Google penguin & panda update, here is a smart guide

Bad Link Removal

The most sought after service post penguin and panda updates

Step by step guide to link profile assesment and bad link removal

Content Guide

Learn the art of Viral content writing and marketing

Copywriting that sells

Taking your Content to the next level

Solving Content duplication with Multi-location site and language

Best guide resolving content duplication for multi-location landing page

Canonical alert for developers

Simplifying rel=canonical

Authorship decoded

Learn the how's and the why's of  Google Authorship

Conversion Optimization Guide

One of the most important gateway page to a website is the home page, learn how to improve design and information architecture to maximize conversions from the usability expert Jakob Nielsen

learn the logic science behind usability

31 Usability Fundamentals

Social Media guide to manage business information

Social media guide for start-ups ; one man entrepreneurs