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First International Young Chef Olympiad

Objective: The objective was to create a worldwide buzz for Young Chef Olympiad 2015. 

TechShu Way of Doing It 

Not that we were only excited because the project came to TechShu, but also bragged about its India connection. So, here is how we delivered the project successfully. 
Young Chef Olympiad Facebook page -
Before we started with marketing, the page has 300+ Likes. And at the end of the event, the page had 14,500+ Likes. We designed and optimized the page to make it ready for promotion. 
We started running Facebook Like ads from January 15, which cost us $0.03 per Like. 

We planned several campaigns for Facebook promotion. Some of them are:

  • Official Blogger for the event
  • Official Photographer of the event
  • Support your country 
  • Carry the Olympiad Flame
Both the official Blogger for the event and the official photographer for the event were huge hits. We got hundreds of entries and selected 3 winners. 
In “Support your country” campaign, we created a separate landing page and ran  an FB campaign, targeting all the participating countries. You can find the landing page here. 
To bring out the Olympics feel perfectly, we thought to recreate a virtual Olympics torch. So, we created a Facebook app and integrated it with the website. The idea was to let people sign up with their Facebook login and carry the torch for some time till the next person joins the queue. 
We conceptualized the app on 27th January, just 2 days before the Opening Ceremony. Our design and development team worked on this app for one day to make it live on 29th January evening. 

At a glance: Opportunity: Challenge: Result

Owned media: Facebook page, Twitter profile
Project challenge: 3 weeks time to plan, prepare and execute
Outcome: 14k+ Facebook likes, hundreds sign-ups, major newspapers’ coverages