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Adwords conversion tracking code generation

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Adwords conversion tracking - the process

In order to generate the conversion code you need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Sign in to your adwords account
Step 2: Then go to Tools & Analysis Tab from top of your account page. After clicking on it a drop down menu will appear. Select Conversion from the categories
Step 3: You will see a new page after Clicking on the Conversion Option. Now click on the “+ Conversion” option.
Step 4: A new page will appear where you will be asking to name your conversion. Give this conversion a name so you can easily recognize it later in your conversion reports.
 Select Webpage as a source. Conversion "Source" is where your customers complete their conversions.
       Then Click Save and Continue.
Step 5: Now you will be sending to a new setting page. There are three steps here:
Choose Your Conversion Category: 
Choose the category that best describes the action that someone needs to take for you to consider it a conversion:
                -- Purchase/Sale of your product
                -- Signup for a newsletter or email
                -- Lead, like a phone call or interest form
                -- View of key page like a list of services or contact page
Choose your site markup language like Whether it is HTML,XHTML etc.
Conversion Value : (optional)
 You can select a dollar value for each conversion, say $10 for each purchase or sign-up, depending on what that conversion is worth to your business.
Tracking Indicator :
Two options are available here:
1. Add a 'Google Site Stats' notification to the code generated for my page: If you choose this option a small message will appear on your site telling customers that their visits on your site are being tracked. Google recommends letting users know which pages you're tracking
2. Don't add a notification to the code generated for my page: This is the opposite option for option 1.
Advanced Option: (Optional)
1. View-through conversion window: This "window" is the number of days after an ad is viewed during which a conversion will be counted. A View-through conversion is recorded when a user views (but doesn't click) an image or rich media ad on the Display Network and then later converts. The window is the period of time for which these conversions will be counted.     
Click Save and Continue.
Step 6 : Now a new page will open where you will be asked “who makes changes to the code on your website?” two options are available here
1. Someone else makes changes to the code
2. I make changes to the code
When you choose anyone option from the give then the code will appear within a Square Box. Copy this code and place it in the thank you page’s source code within anywhere in the <body>     </body> tag.
Step 7 : Click Save.
So you are done with the generation of conversion code, but you need to verify this conversion code by putting it in your website, click on this page to know how to do it.
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