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Adwords Campaign Set Up

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Adwords Account Campaign Set Up

Once you create your adword account it will ask you  to create your first adword campaign.You may be exicited to do so.But before going to create your first campaign you should have enough knowledge about the types of campaign that adword allow you to create with different objective.
         Adword support three types of campaign :
  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. Search & Display Network
Lets discuss shortly about the nature & functionality of these three types of campaign
  1. Search Network : Google search network allows you to show your ads on google search engine result pages. It only support text ads. No graphical or vedio ads are supported by this network.
  2. Display Network : You ad will appear on google search partner website. It may be the entire website or may be the subset of a websites(few pages in the entire website) or amy be the small portion/position in a website
  3. Search & Display Network : Your ad will appear on both search & display network
The third option is neglected by most of the online advertiser because it is bit difficult to manage.We will discuss broadly about these campaigns in other document.
Here we will only focus on step by step process of creating a campaign. So we will go by each category one by one, click on the following links to know the set up of these type of campaigns


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