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Execution at Techshu

Execution at Techshu

"Knowing what needs to be done and doing it are 2 different ball games" & “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein (Yeah we came to know that execution is a very different ball game the hard way. From 2010 we have been reading different books by Ram Charan, Stephen Covey, Franklin Covey, Jack Welch etc to improve execution. We have done many new things to improve execution at Techshu).

The other thought process we have is to focus on the most important tasks which will generate the maximum returns towards the business goals. Work on the top 20% tasks to generate 80% returns, it works (The areas where we focus on is: Structural SEO, Local SEO, Social Media for interrupt products, PPC for niche and high conversion products etc). It needs thorough understanding of Right Digital Marketing Mix.

Execution at techshu

Image Source: (Our Team follows the same 4Ds of execution, we have attended the training sessions from Franklin Covey to improve our execution process).

Some of the things that is helping us execute better:

  • Goals are clear at each level, as a team we know what we want to achieve. We have,, to improve the visibility of workflow and visibility of returns.
  • 4 Disciplies of Execution (We have defined responsibility of each levels, we have defined top most tasks, we have weekly WIG meetings, we have a compelling dashboards)
  • Compelete process and each supported with documents.
  • Automated whereever possible. We have a team that is focused towards automating 2 big sections every month.
  • Team structure - We have Skill set, R&D, Team leaders, Project owners, Quality, Project executors etc to improve the producivity and quality.
  • Work Log (Project management system) and Client Interface to interact with clients.
  • and much more.