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Why TechShu for PPC

You Always Have That Option

You always have that choice, working with a Z+ company of USA with $15/hour or working with a A+ company with $15/hour, the choice is yours since the business is yours.

Why you should hire TechShu for PPC is given below in bullet points so that you understand better,

Its not about creating a campaign, ad group, ads or adding some keywords, any child can do that and there is no point of hiring a PPC company for that. ASk us and we will create it for free if you give provide all these and that would be for FREE (ask us)

The main problem is in taking the right strategy for your business and when we say for your business, it is not a genaralised startegy that we take, this strategy is for your business exclusively. Which keyword you should choose, which match type you should go with, should you try CPC or ECPC, which targeting tool in display network you should use, what is difference and effect of target and bid & Bid only, these are the questions that you need answers for your PPC account.

Same goes for Facebook, running a facebook ad is easy and anyone can do that but its about the startegy again, which profile you should choose in facebook, which age group you should target, these are the questions again.

An AMAZING example of strategy

There was a client of us an they asked us to run PPC in adwords. We have tried hard and put eberything right but could not produce the right result for them and the reason is the bidding was too high and people in display network of Google were not in a mode of buying things (small products we are talking about like tee-shirts, jeans etc)

So we took a decision and that decision created a huge result for our client. We took the decision of running ads for them in facebook because we believed that in facebook people were in a lightier mood (we have done a lot of analysis here) and that is the reason we have decided to run ads in facebook. 


Before running ads in facebook the total monthly sales were 90/month only but when we ran it in facebook it has increased to 700/month, that is almost 800% increase in sales and ofcourse, the client loved it. Now since they have got that much visibility, they have become one of the topmost websites online for selling dresses for teen-agers.

So as we were saying, it is not about the execution but its about the startegy. Our PPC team hasthat much competency to take those decisions, some of them are very calculted, some of them are very bold and we love to take those risks because at the end of tghe day your business should get that profit, that return. There is no point of playing if you do not get any result, either play agresively to get some result, let it be good or bad or some calculated risk which can add value to your company.

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