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SEOed & Marketing Ready Ecommerce

New age eCommerce – Fully Optimized, Marketing ready SEOed eCommerce

The era of ecommerce website is over. It needs to be an ecommerce that can interact and inspire visitors to buy, refer, join etc. We worked for last 1 year and spent over $40,000 to give a fully marketing ready (SEO friendly) Ecommerce for $999 (Special price for limited time, we charged our other clients over $15,000 for the same Ecommerce as it was 100% developed afresh). Now take the advantage of the same code base (even better as we did more work on it). Get a demo with all features. (No risk at your end, 100% money back if you not 101% excited).  Get a demo with all features.

When you look at Ecommerce, it is also another type of CMS (Content management system) where along with payment and RFQ modules, you arrange the products in different categories and have different attributes to your product like costing, size width etc. An Ecommece CMS can be used for anything like a movie database navigation, resturant arrangement, travel portal etc. The main advantage is to use the existing code base to arrange products into different categories with an attribute based search.

Advance Search 
(Key to Ecommerce experience)
Structural SEO  features
(Key to SEO success)
A/B Testing with different design versions
Social Media integration
For viral reach

(helping users make better decisions)

Multi level Tracking 
(much different from what you think)
Product pages arranges using Tags & attributes Image optimization enabled. & Much more

Get a demo with all features

There are 2 aspects of an Ecommerce:

  1. Building it and arranging the product as per your need (This is very easy to do, you can use any of the existing SAAS based platforms to get started, we often get some clients start with some of the SAAS based platforms)
  2. Marketing it, bringing in more sales through promotion for sales, branding for sales or organic growth for sales.

Once you spend time and money to build an eCommerce website, you have to then make a lot of technical changes in order to make it search engine friendly! So you have to revert, alter a lot of development tasks that you just completed. Is there any way to reduce, if not eliminate, this double work? What if a marketing expert works with the developer and creates the optimized version only.

Get a demo with all features

Marketing ready SEOed Ecommerce platform

We do this. After helping many eCommerce store owners to optimize their websites we realized that it is a big waste to do some simple things again and again. All popular eCommerce platform have problems in terms of on-page, on-site and structural SEO. Ask any SEO expert and they would share their experience with you. Common problems with eCommerce websites are:

  1. SEO issues like Duplicate content, Large URL, Canonical problem, Complicated ways of adding Meta tags, title etc., Lesser control over page text and styles, Improper breadcrumb etc
  2. The knowledge of the crowd is not getting captured properly. Social media plugins are not added properly.
  3. Marketing features like coupons, offers, multi version of the website for ads are missing (Adding it takes good amount of money & TIME)
  4. Structural SEO options are missing (Where you optimize the product pages to support category pages where there is maximum search volume)
  5. Important technical aspects like beta site for testing, backup of your website, code versioning, template system etc

Get a demo with all features

Our SEOed eCommerce is free from these issues

We have come up with the eCommerce platform that does not require further optimization. You just plug it in and make it live. You don’t need to spend any extra hour to optimize the backend in order to make it search engine friendly. We have already spent over $20,000 for the product. Our goal is create returns for our clients, returns will not come unless you can take your ecommerce and market it. You need to save more money for advertisements.

Costing for Ecommerce Platform

Costing is very subjective, it depends on your need. An ecommere can be made ready for $450 as well but you need to cut down on design customization. For an advance Ecommerce with very top aligned designed and custom features it can go above $10,000 as well. The real costing will be for design and customization.

Our Ecommerce work:

  1. Very advance printing ecommerce where you have hundred thousand product combination. Example has so many option and with option and with each combination the pricing and weight of the product changes. Adding and maintaining so many product combination was impossible. We failed 2 to 3 times and then came up with this cool ecommerce for printing industry. Now it works with 2 type of parameters which calculates the costing by its own.
  2. and for ecommerce and portfolio management - It is on gomagento platform. We used other systems before shifting it this.
  3. Design and SEO work for and (This is an ecommerce designed by IBM)
  4. Large Ecommerce of a Cable Ties vendor with RFQ system (Through partner, under NDA), This is a beautiful system. We are also creating a demo of it.
  5. Structural SEO done for resulting in 700% traffic increase in less than 2 months of work. This is getting over 1.5 lakhs of impression on search engines every month.
  6. Structural SEO done for - Where it has seen a huge raise, reached closed to a million hit a month.

SEO, marketing and tech team have worked together to come up with this fully optimized eCommerce platform. Hence, the end product is usable, attractive and search engine friendly. Make use of our knowledge; contact us to know more. You can call us or mail us.