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Event-Ready Design

Redesign Your Website during Festivals and Events – It impacts positively

Businesses should be responsive to the things happening around. All businesses, small scale to big brands, promote their brands during festivals. This is not only because people indulge in shopping during festivals, but during festivals, it becomes easy to reach out to them that time.

Those who have websites can do this easily by changing the look and feel of the website during festivals.

  1. Showcase your creativity
  2. Do something unusual and catch attention
  3. Reach out to local people
  4. Enjoy a greater chance of branding
  5. Go viral with your work

We make your website festival ready

We come up with out of the box design ideas, sometimes minor tweaks to make your website festival ready. These changes can be made on the template of your website, your business logo, your facebook cover image and logo, your twitter background etc.

  1. Festivals that are celebrated all over the world such as Christmas, New Year
  2. Festivals which are country specific such as Thanksgiving and Halloween in the US and UK; Diwali and Holi in India etc.
  3. Special events like Olympic
  4. Birthday of great people
  5. Organization-specific events like Foundation Day
  6. Product launch

All the changes are reverted back once the event or festival is over.

Not sure why you need this? All big brands including Google do this to impress their users.

To learn how you can establish your business as a big brand, contact us. You can call us or send us an email. We will get back to you quickly.

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