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Visual Marketing for Restaurants

Visual marketing for restaurants

Let's begin with some telling stats + expert insights  on why restaurant owners/ marketing managers can't ignore visual marketing -   

1) In 2015, food-related videos were viewed 23bn times, which is a 170% increase from 2014. Almost all the viewership was on YouTube and Facebook, according to Tubular Labs research. 

2) There are almost 300 million food photos on Instagram  ( Source)

3) For restaurants, posting tantalizing food images is not an option anymore. It's become a necessity. As Edelman suggests in Food: For Millennials, It’s Fuel, a Badge and a Movement

Eat With Your Eyes First. In the era of Instagram, snackable food images are just as important as the content they accompany. Cookbooks are becoming look books, acting as coffee table decor just as much as a catalogue of recipes. Catch their eye with bright colors and beautiful plating to encourage sharing.
4) Why people love snapping pictures of their food and then post it online? According to Lorraine Elliott who published a book Not Quite Nigella 
If you eat something great, why not share it with somebody...Food is beautiful to photograph and every picture is tied to memories of a friend or loved one.
5) 72% of British and American millennials are likely to share images of their food and drink on social platforms if it is different or unique, according to Food & Drink Trends by The Innovation Group. 
After years of over-laboured ‘artisan’ and visceral rustic ‘food porn’ imagery, we’re seeing a new modern, playful, quite irreverent approach to food and drink emerging. New environments are moving beyond ‘authentic craft’ visual cues to embrace new clean, futuristic, colourful stylings. Creative food photographers are presenting food in unexpected, graphic and surreal ways, said Lucie Greene, Innovation Group worldwide director. 
6) Almost 60% of respondents said before going to their dining destination they “always or frequently” check images of the place, according to the OpenTable survey. 
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