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90% of problem/solution lies in wrong/right selection of digital marketing mix

Glad, that we expertized digital mix

A customer: I want you to bring sales from twitter
Techshu: Sir, if you have already decided what you need and from where, then probably you don't need an agency, you can hire few people internally and do the work. As an agency, our goal is to help you understand how you can increase your sales. 90% of the problem/solution likes in wrong/right selection of digital marketing mix. Often people quote the twitter sales for dell. What we see is on the surface level but if you look at it in deep, there is more to it. We always spend a lot of time in understanding real business goals, the company's stength/weakness, current presence and decide the right marketing mix accordingly.

Repeating, 90% of problem/solution lies in wrong/right selection of digital marketing mix

We have a strong background of SEO. Since 2003 we are doing some very exceptional work in SEO. When we started with our services in 2009, many people who knew us wanted us to focus on SEO only. We never believed in SEO, we always believed in doing the best for users as "Google loves you when everyone else loves you" Even in our previous engagements, we have focused on web 2.0 (creating large communities, using crowdsourcing to build better content and link etc), technical innovations, innovations at SEO level for better quality links and content. We were never a traditional SEO company trying to manipulate Search Engine Flaws.

We always asked "What will a Google Engineer do for this in next 3 years", this has helped us grow consistently.

We focused on Digital Mix than only focusing on SEO

In last 4 years, we have done exceptional job in PPC with over 100 million INR under our MCC spent, Social Media where we have created pages with over 500k fans, generated sales from Social Media, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing etc. Our strength is to understand a business' need and apply the right marketing mix to achieve it. Our testimonials can confirm a part of it

How do we select right Digital Marketing Mix

We have a detailed page explaining the digital marketing mix process

Right Digital Marketing Mix