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Techshu Recommended Tracking Tools

TechShu Recommended Tracking Tools
It is a top website analysis platform and the most comprehensive source for breaking social media and technology news on the web. SiteTrail helps web enthusiasts keep track of their favorite websites and offers a free review service to enable reputation building.
2. Facebook Page Insights (Free)
Page Insights gives Page managers a number of aggregate metrics, including the number of people who like their Page, how many people see a post and how many people clicked the post.
3. Google Ripples for Google+ (Free)
Google+ Ripples creates an interactive graphic of the public shares of any public post or URL on Google+ to show you how it has rippled through the network and help you discover new and interesting people to follow.
4. Pinalytics (Free)
It is the latest social media monitoring tool in town, helping users track and evaluate content and interactions on Pinterest.
5. GA Checker (Free)
This is a quick and easy tool to check the sites for missing Google Analytics code.Just put in your domain and let the tool do the rest. It will crawl your entire site, and afterwards you can view the results in a table or export your results to a CSV for easy analysis.
Mongoose Metrics offers tracking solutions for marketers who need to understand what online and offline campaigns are driving phone calls, as well as keyword level tracking that allows you to monitor customer behavior on a granular level, meaning every visitor to your website, along with the metrics surrounding that visit.
7. Crazy Egg (Paid)
Crazy Egg gives you the competitive advantage to improve your website in a heartbeat  without the high costs.Reports you can access : HeatMap,ScrollMap,Overlay,Confetti .
8. Chartbeat (Paid)
Chartbeat's real-time traffic and audience-behavior data shows you who's on your site and how they're engaging with your content right now — so you can take action on what matters when it matters. 
9. Radian 6 (Paid)
It is a monitoring tool. It can help you monitor brand mentions across the social landscape and the new Engagement Console offers you an end-to-end presence management tool.
It's a viral content discovery tool. You can see how a content is shared on different social networks. 
11. Harvest 
It's a time tracking tool for businesses. You can track your time, spent on projects, send online invoices, and also send generate reports online with this tool. 
12. eLogic (Free basic plan with Paid Subscriptions) 
Available in both BASIC and PRO versions, this is one tool that helps you track history, demographics, etc. 
13. ShinyStat (Free basic plan with Paid Subscriptions) 
Primarily designed for the Italian market, this tool is now used worldwide to monitor sales, marketing and ROI. 
14. StatCounter (Free) 
Primarily designed for the Italian market, this tool is now used worldwide to monitor sales, marketing and ROI. 
15. W3Perl (Free) 
A tracking tool that not only measures web traffic but also tracks email and RSS log files. 
16. Site Meter (Free with Upgrade option) 
If you are a blogger with almost 100,000 visitors per month, then the free version of Site Meter is a suited tracking tool for you. If you have a larger site with more visitors then you can go for a paid version. 
17. W3Counter (Free with Upgrade option) 
With a basic account you can track around 5,000 views whereas with the pro plan you can track around a million. 
18. AWStats (Free) 
Not just an effective tracking tool, AWStats helps monitor bandwidth thefts. It is available as a pre-installed tool with most web-hosting companies. 
From monitoring social media channels to tracking sentiments, you can do it all with this one tool. 
20. Webalizer (Free) 
If you are looking for a basic tracking tool that provides an excellent statistical overview, then this is one analytics package you should try.