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TechShu Recommended Email Marketing Tools

Techshu Recommends Email Marketing Tools




  • To Send emails you can use:
    1. Amazon Email Services - The best one, we use an application that provides the interface for the Amazon API, it costs around $50 one time, then you can keep using Amazon services easily. The cost is unbeatable. 
    2. Mailchimp - If you are sending newsletters on regular basis, this is cost effective, for transactional emails use mandrill.
    3. Sendgrid - For both transactional emails and newsletters.
    4. Aweber- It’s a tool for sending emails for businesses. It’s a paid tool, but you can give it a try for free for the first 30 days.
    5. Ongage- It’s an email marketing platform.
    6. Litmus- An efficient email testing and tracking tool, be it for web or mobile.
    7. Target Hero - Send unlimited emails to upto 1000 contacts with the free basic plan whereas the Super Hero plan offers 10,000 contacts at just $39.90.
    8. Cake Mail - With features like split A/B testing, Google Integration and Spam Assassin, this is a must have tool for your email marketing campaign.
    9. Flashissue -An interface that incorporates content curation with email marketing. One of the best tools for emailing newsletters.
    10. iContact -From built-in marketing campaigns, options to code HTML to autoresponder feature, all is available with this tool.
    11. Mailjet -An online app that lets you send template-based marketing and transactional emails.
    12. Mad Mimi -Create professional and quality email campaigns or copy your existing campaigns and track them with the integrated Google Analytics tool.
    13. Zoho -With a powerful WYSIWYG editor, this is one of the most popular email marketing tools that you can use for your next campaign.
    14. Constant Contact -Choose from a wide array of available templates or design your custom one.
    15. GetResponse -From maintaing your contact list effectively to creating professional campaigns, do it all with this email marketing tool.
    16. ToutApp -Highly functional email marketing tool with abundant features.
    17. BenchMark -From newsletters to greetings, find assorted templates here.
    18. Campaign Monitor -A tool that ensures that a mobile user can easily read your email.
    19. Premailer -Using this tool you can easily convert your HTML design to inline CSS that is email-ready.
    20. Campaigner -Social media account integration, segmented, targeting, A/B testing, email automation - enjoy all these features with Campaigner.
  • To verify email ids:
    • Essentially, there are two types of verification services available in the market.  One that tries to identify spam traps and complainers like ImpressionWise and Quickie Marketing, and  then there are bounce-avoidance services (LeadSpend, BriteVerify, Datavalidation.comFreshAddress and StrikeIron).