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Techshu Recommended Competitor Analysis Tools

Techshu Recommends Competitor Analysis Tools
1. Quantcast (Free with Upgrade Option)
Quantcast offers measurement and analysis of audience demographics as well as real-time advertising. It also delivers web and mobile traffic for any website. 
2. Net Comber (Free with Upgrade Option)
NetComber is a tool that shows hidden relationships between websites. You just need to enter a website URL and Net Comber will provide you with all the sites, which have the same owner. 
3. Similar Web (Free with Upgrade Option)
Similar Web displays a detailed graphics presentation of any website’s traffic. It’s a great tool to understand any business’s search engine marketing strategy. 
4. Search metrics visibility Report (Free)
This tool shows a domain's visibility index or SEO visibility and in turn compares the domain with other domains, subdomains and directories. 
Open Site Explorer is a Moz tool to examine the linking profile (newly discovered links and already established links,) for any website. It also quickly analyzes domain authority, page authority, Facebook shares/likes, tweets, and +1s for any URL.
6. Majestic SEO Tools (Paid)
Majestic SEO Tools shows backlink history, including inbound link and site summary data, of any URL. It’s an intelligent tool for checking EO-friendliness and online PR and marketing. 
7. Crunchbase (Paid)
CrunchBase sets up a database of the startup ecosystem. Its Business Graph connects people, businesses, products & events. 
8. SEMrush (Paid with limited Free features)
A popular competitive analysis and insight tool.  
9. Alexa (Free trial with Upgrade Option)
Monitor traffic trends of competitor websites using Alexa.  
10. Google Trends (Free)
From finding traffic estimates to related websites, all of it can be done using this free tool from Google.  
11. SpyFu (Paid)
A competitor Analysis tool that offers features like ad copy tracking, visual SERP screenshots, unlimited data downloads, etc.  
12. Sistrix (Paid)
A competitor research tool similar to Search metrics.  
13. Net Peak Checker (Free)
A free desktop software that accumulates market research data from different third party sources.  
14. (Free with Paid Pro Plans)
Want to know which keyword is sending the maximum traffic to your competitor’s website? Use today.  
15. SEMPhonic (Paid)
An effective tool for keyword tracking and competitor analysis & reporting.  
16. Back Link Analyzer (Free)
Windows-based software that can be downloaded to help you analyze a competitor’s back links.  
17. Competitor Finder (Free with Paid Pro Plans)
Use this tool to easily find out how many pages are using your keywords in their titles and anchor texts.  
18. Link Popularity Comparison Tool (Free with Paid Pro Plans)
Compare your link popularity score with others using this tool.  
19. Hitwise (Paid)
Works like but is costlier.  
20. What Runs Where (Paid)
Tool that help you analyze your competitor’s display ad strategies.