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TechShu Recommended Design Tools

TechShu Recommended Design Tools


This amazing tool "makes design simple for everyone". There is a free as well as paid version of the tool. The templates are already there. You just need to select it and design on your own. The paid version comes with a lot of advanced features. 

2. Fotor

Like Canva, you can create, edit, add effects to images for digital campaigns with this tool. 


Pixabay is a platform for finding royalty-free images for your campaigns. 


This is a Photoshop alternative. If you know Photoshop, you can work with this tool seamlessly. This tool is packed with advanced editing options.

5. Picasa

Right from transforming your photos to creating wow slideshows, this photo-sharing tool is simply amazing. 

6. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an amazing tool - you can spookify your image, design banners and mirror images. 

7. Apple Photos

The best tool for the Mac, iOS user. Users can frame their entire photo collection in a whole new way by managing and editing photos free.

8. LunaPic

You can find a gamut of editing options that include drawing tools, effects and filter. 

9. Sumo paint

It's more geared towards illustration. 

10. Befunky

Here you can also browse a gamut of beautiful photos and designs. 

11. Pixelmator

An image editor for MAC that is efficient and easy-to-use.

12. Sketch

A contemporary vector-based design tool for MAC that helps you create high quality designs.

13. Favicon Generator

Want to generate a favicon for free in minutes? This is the perfect tool for you then.

14. PicMarkr

With PicMarkr you can add a watermark to your image in a few simple steps.

15. Pictaculous

Generating a color palette for your image has never been this easy.

16. CheckMyColours 

Not sure whether your background and foreground color contrast each other perfectly? Worry no more and start using Checkmycolour today!

17. Piktochart

Be it infographics or reports, now you can wear the designer’s hat and create it yourself.

18. Affinity

Nothing describes this tool better than its own tagline; “Professional graphic design software for Mac.”

19. GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a raster cross-platform image editor that can be used across Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows.


With over 900,00 users, this is a simple template-based infographic designing tool.

21. Social Image Resizer Tool

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, just need to name the social media channel and this tool resizes your image accordingly.

22. Recite

Create visually pleasing images out of your quotes using this tool.

23. Photovisi

Easy to use and Free. This online photo collage maker tool is a must in your design toolkit.

24. Aviary

A photo editor app by Adobe that makes your photos awesome.

25. Venngage

Free infographics creator tool that helps you make appealing infographics.

26. Pagemodo

Time to make your social media chanels look great. From Facebook Cover photos to Twitter Headers, you can create all of it using this tool.

27. Imgflip

With Imgflip, you can create memes, GIFs and pie charts easily.

28. Photoshop

Who doesn’t know about Photoshop? A must have in all design tool lists.

29. Illustrator

Another popular design tool from Adobe that helps you edit vector graphics.

30. Photoshop Lightroom

A photo editing and sharing app from Adobe that lets your photography “shine”.

31. Corel Draw

This is a vector design software for professional designers to help you create design for prints as well as web.

32. Portrait Professional 

A photo retouching software that helps you transform and beautify your photos.

33. Pixelz 

An effective image optimizing tool for ecommerce.

34. Thestocks

The best place to find royalty free images.


A free graphics editor for Microsoft Windows, an upgraded version of the good old Paint.

36. Logo Garden

Want to create a quick logo without going much into the design details? Then this free logo maker is what you should opt for.

37. Skitch

Annotate your images in a jiffy. Initially designed for MAC, it is now also available on Android.

38. ImageOptim

This app helps you optimize your images so that they take less disk space without compromising on the quality of the image.

39. ImageAlpha 

Another useful app that helps in reducing the size of 24-bit PNG images to the more compatible format of PNG8+alpha.

40. LICEcap 

LICEcap help you capture any area on your desktop and save it directly to .GIF and its own .LCF format.

41. Icon Slate

Create, import or export icons for web or mobile in many available formats for MAC.

42. Pixate

Interactive prototyping app for iOS and Android.

43. Marvel

Free prototyping app for mobile and web which is “code free”.

44. Vector Finder

The best place that stocks vector images.

45. Adobe Kuler

Whether you want to create a new palette or examine an existibg one, this is a great app for you.

46. Brusheezy

If you are using Photoshop, this is a great tool that offers free brushes for Photoshop.

47. Revu

Great tool to transform your social profiles into creative storytelling through infographics.

48. Star Planet

Use this tool to create customizable & interactive maps.

49. Coolors

Generate color schemes in minutes.

50. Bittbox 

From design guidance to a host of freebie products, get it all here.

51. WhattheFont

Even came across a font and didn’t know its name? Use WhattheFont to analyse fonts by just uploading a image containing the font.