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TechShu Recommended Content Marketing Tools

Techshu Recommends Content Marketing Tools
  1. AtomicWriter:  This is a must-have tool to know let you know how your writing scores. It shows how your audience reads a piece of content, what’s their reading level, and what type of content they will react better to.  
  2. Grammarly:   It’s an amazing tool for content developers. It has a paid and free version.
  3. Draft:  Great option for those who don't use Microsoft Word. 
  4. Content Ideator:  Content Ideator, as the name suggests gives you various content ideas once you submit a keyword. 
  5. WritePls:  This tool is a great help for content curators. You can find a detailed list of curated content to publish more efficiently. You also can find ideas for your content with this tool.  
  6. Boardreader : Great tool to get content ideas. You need information on anything under the sun - just type it on Boardreader.  
  7. BlankPage:  Many writers often suffer from distraction. This tool would motivate you to finish off on time. This tool will not let you stop for at least 20 minutes, so you can improve your writing and end your work on time. 
  8. 750 Words:  This tool will help you keep a track of your word count and at the same time motivate you to write either 3 pages or 750 words every day. 
  9. ZenPen:  This text styling tool will help you improve your documents with new features to add hyperlinks, stylize with different fonts, and include quotes. 
  10. Typed:  This writing tool will help you focus on your writing by removing the distractions. It comes with window buttons, a word count feature, save work on the cloud button, and also play soundtracks option to help you concentrate. 
  11. Calmly Writer:  It’s a distraction-free interface for serious web writers. It has a cloud saving option, so you can save every document easily. 
  12. Squirt:  If you want to increase your reading speed, this tool is a must-try for you. Apart from that, it also helps you improve your grammar and other writing errors. 
  13. Typewrite: This is an alternative to Google Doc. It comes with features like real-time collaboration, Dropbox, advanced editing, markdown feature to make it compatible for all your devices. 
  14. Ulysses: It’s a clutter-free writing interface for writers who use Mac. Another iPad option is also there for on-the-go writers. 
  15. Poetica:  This tool promoted editing in collaboration. It lets you witness other writers’ work while editing documents real-time. 
  16. Reedsy:  It’s another community of writers, marketers, and designers. It helps you connect with other writers and also freelancers. 
  17. Keyword Finder:  Need keyword inspiration? This tool can help. It’s effective to find long tail and low competitive keywords for your content.
  18. Storify:  It’s a great content curation tool to collect content ideas and shareable content. It’s popular as a search engine for content curators.