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Techshu Mangalyaan

Techshu Mangalyaan

M for Mangalyaan, M for Marriage

Its about partnership, so please read on to understand who we are, our DNA, our vision, our way of working etc to understand the match before we enter into the marriage. Mangalyaan is The Mars Orbiter Mission (also known as MOM) by India. An ambitious goal by Indian Space Research Organization. The total cost of the mission was approximately US$73 million, making it the least-expensive Mars mission to date. We have named our partnership service as Mangalyaan as we really liked the Indian ability to produce excellence at better costing. Even, we got inspired by our new PM, Shri Narendra Modi's call on "Make in India" . Making a brand or a web product is where we want to focus on.

"Low cost doesn't mean cheap, its also called innovation and focus"

Techshu is different, it was never born to be an average company. We were risk takers, workaholic, passionate and over-obsessed with the subject. Techshu was born to support our product goals, we wanted to create marketing automated apps but then we did not had money or connections to fund our product ideas. Thus, we decided to fund our product ideas with profits from digital marketing services. Gurus then had advised us that a service company is not easy to run. As an over confident bunch, we jumped in and had a roller coaster ride so far. But in the journey, we became one of the most knowledgeable digital marketing companies, boldly and confidently. We were blessed with the midas touch, its not magic but its a result of our hard work and experience. We have simplified the digital marketing strategies, we have created an amazing team (multi division team, from creatives to technical innovation that supports our marketing). We are more than 100% confident about making any good product excel on web through our marketing efforts (we provide end to end support).

A company can work in 3 ways

- Cost to profit services (we have some cost per hour, we charge a margin)

- Competitors and market price (This market is a mix from a Z class team to a A+ team is compared with the same scale), we never took this road, we charged our own way that added value to client.

- Value based (We create value for you, decide our return based on that), thats where we want to be with some businesses where our DNA matches or where we see a great opportunity.

Great ideas without implementation are just great ideas. To turn them into reality you need a team. Not just any team. A team that’s full of passion plus determination to turn a great idea into a great product. But it’s not the end of the story. Every product needs marketing no matter how good it is. And in today’s always-connected marketplace you can’t miss out on the digital part of marketing. Here’s where TechShu Mangalyaan comes in.

What does TechShu Mangalyaan do?

It enters the orbit around your business idea; turns it into a reality & markets it across digital channels. Once TechShu Mangalyaan enters the orbit your idea becomes ours. We believe in it. We give in our 100% to make it successful. Our team works on it with the same passion & perseverance that they put into developing our in-house ideas. Reciprocity, Shu – whatever you call it; it lies at the heart of everything we do.

Already invested in 4 projects with Equity Partnerships

Ideas that can change people’s lives in a meaningful way excite us. We’ve made investments in several verticals including health, tea and apparel with Limtex Group of Industries, and real estate with

We’re constantly in the lookout for new like-minded partners with whom we can collaborate & achieve success together.