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TechShu Litmus Test

Do it for yourself first

Do you know our Techshu's Shu Story? You must also read Aji's Air hostess story. In short, you must be able to use own medicine for yourself. Being a digital marketing company we must use our own methods for ourselves. Being a startup, we followed different stratgey We have full faith in our SEO processes and knowledge and just a couple of months back we decided to take take this Litmus test on ourselves i.e to rank for the most relevant keywords for our own company. Until now, we majorly relied on referrals and never focused on sales or working on our own sites but a couple of months back we decided to change the story and How? Now we rank in Top 3 or Top 5 for the most relevant keywords for our company such as PPC Kolkata, SEO Kolkata etc. ( see the list below)

SEO Litmus Test


1. #1 for SEO Kolkata

2. #1 for PPC Kolkata

3. Top 3 for Social Media Kolkata (Here we are challenged by our own team member Rajesh Rana in the ranking!)

4. Top 5 for Social Media Marketing Kolkata

5. #1 for Email Marketing Kolkata

6. #1 for Local SEO Kolkata

7. #1 for Google Places Kolkata

8. Top 3 for Affiliate Marketing Kolkata

9. Top 3 for Digital Marketing Kolkata

10. Top 5 for Digital Marketing Mix Kolkata (and many more...)

We have strong presence on Facebook (We use FB referrals for affiliate), we also use Facebook to build a strong brand for recruiting

We run PPC on Google for few thousand dollars.

We are working to become the best in the world with strong focus on execution, innovation and knowledge