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Digital Marketing Team for Startups

Digital Marketing Team for Startups

We added value to many startups. From Highly funded startups like, to self funded projects to, etc. Our Startup Digital Marketing Team exclusively handles the startup websites. Those who are bootstrapping and do not have much fund, or those who have just closed their Series 1 funding, need aggressive marketing plan. However, they often have limited budget and a lot to achieve.

Working for startups is always fun; most of the startups, especially tech startups are made of crazy people indeed. Some of the startups hardly have any team; only the co-founders sit and work together.

The team that works for startup understands the requirements of a startup company and performs accordingly.


  • Ready to take challenges

  • Work keeping the goals in mind

  • Do not limit themselves within plan and strategy; always ready to do more

  • Ready to explore more about the product; proactively learn about the offerings and the consumer group

Skill set

  • Technical knowledge

  • Technical writing / technical journalism / PR knowledge

  • Good communication skill

  • Community building

  • Branding and Positioning

  • Networking with target group and VCs as well

  • Testing skills


  • Online marketing tools

  • Presentation and documentation tools

  • Familiarity with paid ad platforms