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Digital Marketing Team for SMEs - SMBs


Digital Marketing Team for SMEs / SMBs

Small to Medium Size Businesses have their own challenges. They are growing and usually have aggressive targets. They have medium budget; but the requirements are many as they aim at establishing themselves as a brand in near future.

The team that works fro SMEs understands the scenario very well; they have the following qualities.


  • Members have the abilities to take up challenges

  • The members can work under pressure and ready to chase targets aggressively

  • The team understands where the focus should be – Sales and Branding

  • The team is ready to offer recommendations for offline marketing activities as well

  • The team takes time to understand the business and comes up with creative ideas to spread the words online

  • The team works seamlessly with the marketing / management / administrative teams of the clients, if required

Skill set

  • Multi-tasking, how to manage multiple tasks at a time effectively

  • How to promptly respond to client’s requirement and fetch a performance report quickly

  • Prepare marketing strategies that gives best results in short time

  • Present reports from different perspectives so that it makes sense to the marketing / management / administrative teams at the client’s office

  • Conduct research about the target audience and prepare

  • Organic SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate management skill

  • Remarketing campaign management

  • Usability and content management


The team members must be proficient with the tools required to make the digital marketing project for SMEs successful.

  • Keyword research tools

  • Proper Reporting and Presentation

  • AdWords, Bing and other PPC management interfaces

  • Analytics

  • Sales tracking and ROI measurement