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Why Do We Hate the Word Outsourcing?

It's Not Outsourcing, It's Co-operation

The world is a different place now. It's a global village now; we need new rules and new partnerships to win a competition. While we are cooperating, we are also competiting. 

That's why we call it Co-operation - competition with cooperation. That's the new way to win the market. It is not only applicable for high labour cost countires but for every country. 

Why it is WIN-WIN-WIN for Clients-You-Us?

  • Clients will get the best of the world (Over 230%) - You will ensure high quality work. And you will have more time to spend with the clients to understand their needs, their business. Also, if previously you were spending 10 hour for a $750 project, if you pass it to us for $200 to $250, we will be spending 20 hours+. Along with our 20 hours, you will be able to spend another 2 to 3 hours of qualty check, client calls etc. So clients 230% more
  • You will be able to save more and will be able to scale your business faster. Also when the results for your clients are better, you will be able to grow faster and better (That's why you need to partner with companies who believe in results and not in outsourcing of work)
  • We win too as we don't have to spend too much money on ads and moreover with a bulk it saves us a lot of money and thus even with a low hourly cost we are able to save more. (Moreover, we are very innovative, we keep working to save more by working smartly, we invest a lot on improving processes and programs).

Now the difference is knowledge partnership and not cheap partnership

We had one of our clients coming from the UK with his team to teach us about digital marketing with a pre concieved notion about Indian companies. After a week of discussion, we don't know who taught whom; guess we all learned from each other. We are not any other company, we are thought leaders in this industry, one of the most knowledgeable companies. Why not throw some questions?

Some of add-ons you can give to your clients:

  • Detailed manual reporting
  • Regular comeptitor analysis
  • Conversion improvement analysis
  • Education series
  • More graphics and work
  • & much more