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Do you need Clients URL for proposal creation

Question: Do you need Clients URL for proposal creation? Can I just say, a photographer in UK, will that do?

Answer: It is always good to have the the URL of the prospect client as it helps to highlight isues with their website, social media presence. Customers love personalization, so it will help you convert better if you share  the clients URL. Also there is no risk as we never contact our customers customer, thats our promise. 

When we analyze a business, we need to look at:

  1. Industry (where we don't need the website URL) but every business may not be same, example: A photographer doesn't mean anything, the photographer may be focusing on certain niche, the website can reveal and we will be able to do a better analysis.
  2. Business strength
  3. Business phase
  4. Highlighting some of the issues on web presence etc

All this helps in creating a better proposal.

What else is needed to make the proposal really great

  • We have a client questionnaire if that is filled, pre-sales client questionnaire, generally you need to know
    • What is the business goal that they are looking to achieve through digital marketing
    • Some keyword suggestions (This also helps us do further keyword analysis)
    • Areas they want to focus
    • Some competitor list
    • Past SEO work if they have done any like creating multiple URLs etc
    • Target segment

If we need to pickup the most important questions, they it will be:

  1. Goals you want to achieve through digital marketing
  2. Target segment
  3. Competitor list
  4. Write up about your business