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TechShu Talks - Let's Keep Learning

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"Shu" means reciprocity, do to others you want them to do it for you. We will always be a Tech Company and will follow "Shu" as the guiding principle, stay tuned for more updates, meanwhile enjoy

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  5. Full Leadership course coming soon #NeverEverStruggleForMentors 
  6. How to make Digital Marketing Strategies (exclusive for limited people), coming soon.

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Why do we have one Saturday as Learning Day?

Knowledge as one of the major KPIs - Every third Saturday we come together to collective "share & learn". We are because of what we learn but we feel stronger together; we share the most impactful learning every month. Today, only a culture of learning can keep you floating and we are here to win the swimming competition, so collective learning!

In Today's world, Eat like a bird and poop like an Elephant

For years (check our 2009 article), we believed in the concept of learning and sharing. A bird eats as much as half of its size and an elephant poops 150 pounds a day, so keep learning like a bird and keep sharing like an elephant (You know what we mean right). Enjoy the journey, have fun but aim nothing less than excellence, ecstasy is a great feeling. 

Disclaimer: We aren't perfect. At TechShu, we believe perfection is the desire & efforts for perfection, not a destination well-defined. We Martin Luther King Jr once said “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Let's keep perfecting #NeverEverStruggleForMentors 

TechShu Talks

From Digital Marketing Insights ( Check our Digital Marketing Apple Page), Effective Communication, Customer Satisfaction and Chatbots to Music Therapy & the Power Of TrimTabs - we'd fun listening to #TechShuTalks. Check our Pinterest Page & see how mad, happy and enthusiastic the #TechShuMafia looks smiley

A sneak a peek into the TechShuTalks! More videos to be uploaded soon. 


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