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White Label Strategic Partnership

You are probably looking for a white label partner:

  • That understands success and speaks client success language (quality is a given fact and all good companies will deliver it) - Metrics, Sales, High End Reporting and Tools.
  • A company that contributes to strategy at every step (the devil lies in the detail)
  • Cost effective services, obviously not cheap (Quality will need some extra efforts)
  • End to End support as Digital Mix is the new SEO, new PPC or new Social Media. 90% of the success lies in right selection of digital mix. We have mastered it (thought leaders).

 “Boldly, we are one of the most knowledgeable digital marketing companies from India”. In short we have The Digital Mindset towards the demanding "Client Success".

What makes us really strong?

  • We have strong Research and Execution Teams (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliates, Usability, Design, Development, Mobile etc) – Over 60%+ with masters degree & 40%+ with MBA degrees in addition to 10+ years of experience of our mentor team.
  • Purposeful Solutions: SEO, Viral, Usability enabled SEMI-AUTO architecture for CMS, Ecommerce & BASIC Custom website (Very focused). 80% of structural SEO & marketing needs are take care of.
  • Very Knowledgeable Teams: Ready for any questions. We speak at IIMs, IITs etc. centre of excellence for higher education . Senior members at SEOMOZ, WMW. etc
  • We use the best marketing automation tools for quality analysis and results.
  • Amazing level of documentation, structured approach to work &  process oriented.
  • Right on execution (Franklin Covey trained leaders, 4Ds of execution)



Our Rich Lineage in Digital Marketing comes from our participation in the best & biggest world Digital forum

We are senior members of & MOZ (which requires no introduction) since 2003 & 2006 respectively. Webmasterworld is considered to be world's best Digital Marketing Forum in the world & MOZ for SEO.

Check out the Webmasterworld profile here

Check the MOZ profile here

Most knowlegeable Indian Digital Marketing Agency - TechShu

Vertical POD Structure (Project Goal Focused)

Our PODs are based on the team structure of Product Team; (Inspired by Product Development Companies)

  •  Project Owners are responsible for strategy and goals (All of them have MBA degrees from top business schools).
  •  Project Manager manages the timeline and deliverables.
  •  Skill teams like SEO, PPC etc add their skill sets to the project to make it successful.
  •  Quality team checks randomly.
  •  Mentor team is available to help the teams with difficult problems. Our mentor team is very strong. They also review the projects which are   getting right results.

Team structure

Let’s Get real or let’s not play

Our philosophy towards digital marketing is very simple, let’s focus on real things that matters for clients, the real business goals. TechShu (Shu means reciprocity) was founded to help businesses get right information & services. Reciprocity forms the basis of our digital marketing and technical services - Do not impose on others what you yourself do not recommend for your own BUSINESS. We understand business goals, we don’t impose SEO, PPC or Social Media, and rather we focus on result oriented mix to achieve your business goals.

The fact remains, marketing is an investment and the success of it depends on many parameters.

WE believe - IT IS 100% POSSIBLE to help businesses the right way. It needs strong processes. We provide integrated web marketing solutions under one roof (with the highest quality) at right price to make success a science than a matter of chance. We are based in India (Kolkata) which in a way helps us offer right services at right time and be cost effective at the same time.

We are partnering with offshore companies like yours: We work for some of the large US, UK & AUS based digital marketing agencies. Our processes are set and we are doing good. We see a WIN-WIN situation for you and us in this partnership.

What we do?

We don’t do SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, mobile apps, contests, Direct Sales, Support Offline Sales  but  we do
all of it in right proportion, the right digital marketing mix (adjusted every month). It can be 90% SEO + 10% Email Newsletter.

Our Goal : We Help Businesses Grow, that’s it.

We work on the Right Digital Mix

Depending on the phase of business, nature of offerings, location, current business goal and budget, we put the right digital mix for the project.

[Examples: For one pre-school education client, the Facebook Ads targeting early moms worked great. For an existing travel agent, structural SEO worked. For a movie analyst, Google news worked. For a premium fabric brand, social media campaigns worked. For a product company PPC worked. A mix that produces best results is our Forte.] for details check our Marketing Case study.

Ask for case studies & team) and we grew good. Public testimonials. Most of our clients are return and referred clients. For last 3+ years, we ran our business on referral (NO SALES )

Why Partner with Techshu?

"Produce where it’s COST-effective, sell where it’s more VALUED".

We are in India that’s our COST advantage. You are physically located close-to-the-end client; that’s a plus point. Let’s work together to create better value for CLIENTS.

We guarantee unmatchable service (We mean it, ask for some of our reports):

  • Result oriented Digital strategy mix.
  • Best Knowledge possible. (you can test us before going forward) – We are problem solvers, innovators.
  • On time execution - we understand the significance of time bound execution for set strategies.
  • Support for all time zones, we have our account managers available for all time zones.
  • Best standards of reports (our experience with some of the top Digital Marketing companies)
  • High-end Innovation [our marketing friendly CMS and website development case study will answer all your queries]
  • Support for Technical, Mobile, Graphics, Design & Research.
  • We can work on sharp deadlines.
  • We have mastered project management. Most of our top leaders have attended “Franklin Covey" courses.

WIN - WIN - WIN = Clients - You - Us

One example from one of the UK companies:

They take a 10 hour project for £ 750 from their client. They pass it on to us for £ 15 per hour – Ideally between £ 150 to £ 400 for the project. We work, they check quality and the best part is We Deliver Results.

  1. End Client WIN: They get 10 – 40 hours instead of just 10 hours (and at better QUALITY as 2 heads are better than 1)
  2. The Agency WIN: They save more money and SCALE much faster, they put more of their efforts in Client Management, Quality Check and SALES.
  3. TechShu WIN: With £ 15 per hour, it’s a good bet + with large number of projects the partnership value is on a higher end.

UK Agency Saved over a million £ last year.

Agency saved over a million pound in a year, whereas we got approximately 0.2 millions.

Next course of action: Try us for 2 to 3 projects as sample, we will work at a lower cost to demo our processes. Once both of us can see a synergy, we can move ahead with more projects.


White Labels - Partnership -Affiliates-  Model

Reseller Process (A. White Label)

White Label (Ideal for most of the Marketing Agencies)

  • You get the project, you become the client’s interface. (We help in Proposals, Sales & Client communication).
  • You pass the project details to us along with the monthly hours.
  • We execute the project, report weekly (Project Management System - Basecamp ; Feng office)
  • You report back to the client.
  • You collect money from client, you pay a commission to us (on hourly basis as agreed).
  • Our name doesn’t surface at all. We are your back office team.

$12 to $15 per hour, first 2 to 3 projects, then we work for $10 per hour.

Reseller Process (B. Partners)

Pitching together (Best for Design/Dev Companies)

  • Both of us get the project, together we interact with the client. You can use our portfolio, our brand name, also we will take some of the client calls.
  • Some part of the work is executed by our team and some part by your team.
  • We execute the project, report weekly to a project manager (can be from our side or your side).
  • Project manager report backs to client.
  • You collect money from the client, you pay a commission to us (hourly basis as agreed).

$12 to $15 per hour, first 2 to 3 projects, then we work for $10 per hour.


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