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Internet Marketing Proposal

Online Marketing Proposals for Better Conversions

Over the last year we have successfully won businesses with our well researched structural proposal. our conversion rate stood higher than 85% and we have won confidence from some of the biggest brands from India.

  • Linen Club from the house of Aditya Birla Group (One Of India's Top 3 Multinational Conglomerate)
  • Ebela -from Eastern India's #1 Bengali News Publication Group- ABP Group
  • Turtle- one of India’s finest men’s lifestyle brand
  • Venkatesh Movies - Bengal's Largest Production House, Latest Hit "Chander Pahar"
  • LML - one of the largest manufacturer of two wheelers,
  • BJP- Bengal - Principal Opposition Party In Indian Parliament, Expected To Come Back To Power In 2014
  • TIE-Kolkata chapter - Largest Pool Of Intellectual Capital - 2500+ entrepreneurs,61 chapters in 17 countries-Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally

5 Major Online Information Characteristics

From the onset, world wide web was essentially mean't for information & search. Today the web has even larger role with added dimension like communication, networking & commerce. Any website can specialize on a particular category, or can have multiple category. The 5 major online information categorized as

  1. Information
  2. Search
  3. Communication & Community
  4. Recommendation
  5. Action 

Some of the biggest website (in terms of traffic) fall under the above mentioned categories -

  • Information - Wikipedia, Webmed; Tripadvisor etc.
  • Search - Web-Directories, Yellow pages etc.
  • Communication & Community - Facebook ; Twitter etc.
  • Recommendation - Yelp; Tripadvisor
  • Action - Amazon ; Ebay ; Groupon etc.

Note: A website can also have a mix of multiple dimensions mentioned above.

Key Attributes For A Conversion Oriented Proposal

1. Understanding The nature of business

  • Product based
  • Service based
  • Referral based
  • Affiliation model (market places like directories, listing etc.)
  • Event based
  • Non-profit
  • Government

Once we understand the nature of business we match this with 5 major information characteristics

2. Identifying online objective for business

  • Sales ; Leads or Registration/ Subscription
  • Branding
  • Search Traffic (relevant visitors)
  • Ranking

3. Understanding the Industry dimensions

  • Competition
    • Identifying & analyzing major & direct competitors
    • Identifying Local ; Small & Medium competitors
    • Understanding positionings and USP
    • Competition strength, weakness & opportunity
    • Market Scope & Size
  • Understanding Target Group
    • Identifying and analyzing key segments (forming clusters )
      • Homogeneous clusters
      • Heterogeneous clusters
    • Behaviour analysis
    • Demographics
    • Interests

4. Competition Analysis (based on online presence & marketing)

  • Traffic analysis
    • Search traffic
    • Paid traffic (daily budget spend;AVG. Ad position;
    • Direct traffic
    • Social traffic
  • Website strength analysis
    • No Of Pages Indexed
    • Backlinks
    • Social Readiness
    • Search Engine Accessibility test
    • Content Analysis
    • Crawl & Navigation Test (UX/UI best practices check)
    • Multi-screen responsiveness
    • Site loading speed (across browser & devices)
  • Page Strength Analysis
    • SEO best practices (Page title, description,URL structure,Breadcrumb,header tags, image attributes etc.)
    • Content Analysis (content presentation to structuring; keyword density, volume & more)
    • Interlinking and external links
    • Image and video (image & video tags, page speed,