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Website Development as backbone

Website Development - The backbone of digital marketing

Website is a technical thing after all. Though it is not that difficult these days to create and maintain a website, still it requires technical knowledge. And when it comes to make an interactive website with lots of features, engaging web solutions or mobile apps, you will need an expert.

Website is one of the main sales channels for most of the businesses today. Hence you cannot play with the code, because:

  1. Technical errors are bad for usability – can negatively impact conversion

  2. Technical errors at structural level might stop search engine crawlers to access your website– affecting your organic rank and sales.

While working with the clients we realized that a lot of people develop websites in isolation, without any intervention of the SEO and marketing team. Hence, the end product that they get is operational but hardly serves the purpose.

To solve this, we have created a team structure that can instill the SEO and marketing sense in everything that the development team does.

  1. Our technical team does not work in isolation; they coordinate with the marketing and SEO team throughout the process.

  2. You get a website that has all the high end technical things in place, that is aesthetically correct, that is SEO-wise perfect and can lead to conversion.

Overall, by working with our team you can reduce the double work.

Website Development Services - Not from scratch

Apart from developing websites from scratch, our technical team offers following services:

  1. Fixing technical errors

  2. Creating web applications

  3. Helping marketing teams to come up with suitable software or solutions

  4. Regular maintenance to ensure the website has maximum up time

  5. Implementing the on-page recommendations and changes, if any

  6. Creating plus-ins to improve functionality of your website

  7. Mobile applications

  8. Social media applications

Contact us to work with our technical team. You can call us or email us your requirements so that we can get back to you.